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Watch: Vundavalli Throws Light On Darkness In Judiciary?

Watch: Vundavalli Throws Light On Darkness In Judiciary?

Though he has been keeping a low profile lately whenever Vundavalli Arun Kumar resurfaces, he comes up with interesting revelations and thoughts. This time, he held a press meet and shared his thoughts. This has to do with the current format of judiciary functioning and few other topics.

For starters, he mentioned how the decision by the Court to take up Y S Jagan’s case will prove to the public that VIP cases are not sidelined silently and justice system in India is very strict and ethical.

Secondly, he revealed he wrote a letter to Supreme Court that since the proceedings are happening virtually, it would be apt if the telecast is made live. 

He maintained that this way people will know what exactly is happening inside the Courts and how cases of politicians are dealt with.

He then revealed an interesting incident which took place way back in the 60s where the power equations of the Governor, the Chief Justice, the then Chief Minister and other bureaucrats were explained. 

Regarding the case of Justice N V Ramana vs Y S Jagan, Vundavalli mentioned judges don’t really have the power to write off cases.

He also added the best they can do in their power is postpone the hearings and if it is a small case they can take some discretion but apart from that Judges have to work within the judicial protocol. 

What exactly he wants to convey is that he doesnt want to blame judiciary neither admit that everything goes fair. He played a safe game in this press meet by not taking sides. 

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