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Trolls Against Sajjala Under YCP Official Handle

Trolls Against Sajjala Under YCP Official Handle

It's not TDP or JanaSena or any other party members targeting Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy. It is his own party members who are lambasting him for his narrow-minded and foul-playing deeds that resulted in the worst fate of the party at present.

Though some leaders initially took his name in public criticism, now the comments under the official Twitter handle of YCP are seeing hundreds of trolls and negative comments from YCP admirers targeting Sajjala.

It is known that yesterday, Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy addressed the press on behalf of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to criticize TDP and their impossible manifesto. The video was posted on the official Twitter handle.

Some of the comments are seen below. The language mentioned in the original comments is not fully translated to avoid vulgarity. The essence is carried with slight changes in expression.

- "Who are you to address, Sajjala? Please go away! You are the reason for the party's fate."

- "If you keep appearing like this, YCP will limit itself to 1 seat in the future."

- "As long as Sajjala sir is appearing like this, TDP stands invincible."

- "Sir! You single-handedly defeated YCP. It is enough. Please go away."

There are many comments against Sajjala Ramakrishna under the same handle, and even the moderator seems to be not interested in deleting some vulgar comments at least.

That shows that even the Twitter handle moderator of YCP is welcoming hard-hitting criticism against Sajjala like this.

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