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Top Secrets Behind Break Darshans In Tirumala?

Top Secrets Behind Break Darshans In Tirumala?

Right now, the count of break darshans at Tirumala is shrouded in secrecy. It is believed that only Dharma Reddy is privy to information regarding break and protocol visions at Tirumala.

Meanwhile, public representatives of the ruling party are openly criticizing Dharma Reddy for not granting them access to darshans, and the number of people who wish to partake in them is immeasurable.

However, TTD EO Dharma Reddy's argument is different. He boasts that his regime has been granting more break and protocol darshans than the previous TDP regime.

While it is assumed that this is true, the issue at hand is whether the public representatives of the YCP have been given sufficient access to darshans.

Dharma Reddy claims that more than 4,000 to 5,000 break darshans are granted every day, with the number increasing to 500 per session as per the demand.

YCP representatives are fiercely critical of Dharma Reddy, accusing him of granting break darshans and fortunes only to North Indian businessmen, yellow media and bigwigs by engaging in non-transparent practices.

If these same representatives from neighboring constituencies visit, Dharma Reddy is said to call their concerned MLA, MP, or minister or send a message to remind them that they are exceeding their limit of recommendations.

To ensure transparency, it is suggested that the TTD website should publicly disclose the details of how many darshans are granted to whom each day.

Leaders of the ruling party are also demanding that Dharma Reddy reveal the content of the break and protocol darshans.

The only way for Dharma Reddy to escape the scandal of making Tirumala a Union Territory and ruling without accountability is through transparency and impartiality with regard to break darshans.

Dharma Reddy argues that he will not play favorites and insists that he is merely a servant of the people. If the TTD's open book of break darshans and daily details are posted on the website, devotees will trust in his integrity.

Otherwise, he will be known not as Dharma Reddy but as "Adharma Reddy," lacking in transparency and accountability.


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