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The Announcement Of #PSPK29 Soon?

The Announcement Of #PSPK29 Soon?

Power Star Pawan Kalyan has okayed three films in his re-entry. They are directed by Venu Sreeram, Krish, and Harish Shankar. 

Reports are coming out that there will be an announcement regarding his fourth film as well.  The announcement of this project is expected on Pawan's birthday.

'Vakeel Saab' is yet to be completed. Pawan has reportedly promised the producer Dil Raju that he will attend the shoot from December after the Russian vaccine or any other vaccine comes into the market.

Krish's film shoot will be resumed after the completion of 'Vakeel Saab'. So, Krish has at least five months' time. Krish is planning to complete a quickie in this gap.

This is the first new film going to shoot when the film industry after the corona crisis. 

Krish said to have told Pawan that he will complete Vaishnav Tej's film in a single schedule of 40 days. If the Pawan project gets delayed, he will get more time for Vaishnav Tej's film.

Meanwhile, there is a talk that Pawan is going to announce one more film. Ram Talluri is going to be the producer of this project as per the information.

Pawan may complete two films in 2021 at the maximum. So, it is quite clear that he is signing the films for 2022 as well. But the only issue is uncertainty about political leaders.

When the movie will be commenced, when the movie will be completed is a big question mark.

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