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TDP Spending Huge Money On Social Media!

TDP Spending Huge Money On Social Media!

Telugu Desam Party president and former Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu was always referred to as a tech-savvy leader, getting latest updates on technology etc.

But despite the advancement of technology in the communication field, the TDP chief was always banking on the mainstream media like newspapers and television channels which gave him huge publicity. He was a darling of the national media in his hey days.

However, despite being so techno-savvy, Naidu somehow failed to understand the importance of social media which has become technologically advanced and a powerful medium to spread the news faster than the conventional media. 

He did not pay much attention to the social media which is the fasted medium of communication in the era of smart phones and other electronic gadgets.

Though the TDP had a social media wing, it was not as efficient as the similar wings of other parties like the Bharatiya Janata Party and the YSR Congress party.

As a result, the TDP suffered a lot because the opposition could reach out to the people through social media networking faster than the TDP. Moreover, it also helped the rival parties to run a negative campaign against him. Thus, social media also played a key role in the defeat of the TDP in the elections.

The electoral defeat was an eye-opener for Naidu who realised the importance of the social media. Now, his party has started making maximum use of social media platforms to attack the YSRC government.

The TDP’s social media wing has been activated to get instance information from the government and propagate the same.

It is learnt the TDP has been spending huge money on the social media, especially for designing innovative concepts and taking them into the people. In any case, the mainstream media continues to support Naidu.

Let us see, how long it will work.

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