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Tainted ex-IAS is Pawan's political advisor!

Tainted ex-IAS is Pawan's political advisor!

In his eagerness to get some big names for his Jana Sena Party, power star Pawan Kalyan has been admitting people into this party without even verifying their credentials.

On Monday, Pawan appointed retired IAS officer and former chief secretary of Tamil Nadu Papisetty Rama Mohan Rao into Jana Sena Party and immediately appointed him as his political advisor.

He said reputed persons like Rama Mohan Rao, who had vast administrative experience and connections with politics would be of great help to the Jana Sena in designing its plans and programmes.

Rao, too, described Pawan as a man of vision, sincerity and integrity and such persons were needed to cleanse politics.

One does not know whether Pawan has any knowledge about Rao’s background or his credentials or has remained blind to them before appointing him as his political advisor.

For the sake of record, the retired IAS officer had faced severe allegations of corruption during his stint in Tamil Nadu. There was an inquiry against him by the CBI and also Central Vigilance Commission.

Even Income Tax department conducted searches on the residential/office premises of Rao and that of his son Vivek Papisetty in December 2017, following his alleged links with sand mining baron Sekhar Reddy and his business associates.

There were allegations against Rao that he had misused his powers to award a contract worth a whopping Rs 520 crore to a firm linked to his son.

The tender conditions were apparently forged to ensure the participation of Padmavathi Hospitality and Facility Management Services, in which Vivek was a partner. The cases are said to be still pending against Rao and his son.

So, what message Pawan will be giving to the people by admitting such leaders and posting them in high positions?

Does he think the public memory is very short?



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