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Reasons For The Steep Rise Of YCP's Graph

Reasons For The Steep Rise Of YCP's Graph

The graph of the ruling party YCP in Andhra Pradesh is steadily increasing. Two months ago, many people felt that it wouldn't be easy for YCP in this election.

That might have been the case initially. However, instead of the YCP's graph falling, there has been phenomenal growth. The main reason for this is that the opposition alliance, formed to confront Jagan, is not progressing effectively.

With the TDP and Jana Sena forming an alliance, leaders from both parties had hopes of gaining power. This has led to a surge in demand for tickets from the TDP and Janasena.

In this context, differences between the aspirants supported by the leaders of the two parties have also intensified. If one leader from either the TDP or Jana Sena is given a ticket, it often leads to resentment from the other.

Despite this, the leaders of TDP and Janasena have not yet announced their candidates.

In one instance, it is known that Chandrababu announced two candidates without adhering to the principles of the alliance. In response, Pawan also took a similar action, indicating his equal influence in the alliance.

There are no indications of YCP candidates seriously opposing CM Jagan, except for minor incidents. The main reason for this is the prevailing belief that YCP will return to power.

Any criticism suggesting dissatisfaction within the ranks of YCP against Jagan's rule has been dispelled by 'Siddham' meetings. These YCP meetings have successfully conveyed strong signals that Jagan will return to power.

Even the leaders who left YCP due to disagreements are reconsidering their stance. For instance, Mangalagiri MLA Alla Ramakrishna Reddy left YCP earlier but rejoined shortly after.

In summary, YCP has clarity on its objectives, while the TDP+Janasena alliance is still wavering. This indicates that YCP's winning edge is significantly increasing.


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