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Post Poll: Leisure Vacation After 58 Days

Post Poll: Leisure Vacation After 58 Days

Elections are over, and many of the close aides who supported the party leaders of all parties are now in vacation mood.

The majority of them have booked tickets and moved to places like Dubai, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. Though a few moved to Europe for a tour with family and friends, the majority have chosen the above places.

It is a vacation after 58 days of rigorous campaigning from the day of notification release.

Many of those who landed in Dubai are for luxurious stays and relaxation, while those landing in Thailand have the kind of vacation they need, and the gamblers went to Colombo in Sri Lanka.

All three countries - UAE, Sri Lanka, and Thailand - are easy to visit for Indian Passport holders, as the first one gives visas easily, while the other two countries are visa-free.

While this is the case of younger ones, the older leaders who are not inclined for foreign trips are relaxing in resorts within India.


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