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PK Is Only A Service Provider For YSRCP

PK Is Only A Service Provider For YSRCP

If one has to find the remnants of Congress in the state of Andhra Pradesh it becomes a very tough task. The party vanished without a trace. 

At this juncture the hearsay that Prashanth Kishore suggested Sonia Gandhi to develop alliance with YSRCP has come out.

How can Jagan Mohan Reddy allow this in the first place? Prashanth Kishore may be of the opinion that since he is the political strategist Jagan would follow his instructions.

To this young Minister Gudivada Amarnath clearly recalled the fact that YSRCP is the party that was formed to kill Congress and Jagan revolted against Sonia Gandhi who troubled him with her motive to eliminate him politically.

Amarnath also made it clear that Prashanth Kishore is only a service provider and it is the decision of Jagan Mohan Reddy whether to follow his advice or not.


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