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North Andhra Survey: Only 18 Out Of 34 To YCP?

North Andhra Survey: Only 18 Out Of 34 To YCP?

In the coming elections, the situation seems to be not a cakewalk or landslide victory for any party in Uttarandhra now, as per the latest survey at the grassroots level by GreatAndhra.

Contrary to the opinions of many, the alliance of TDP-Janasena seems to be giving a tough fight to YCP in Visakhapatnam and Srikakulam districts. Only in Vijayanagaram, the majority is on the side of YCP.

Counting the total 34 number of MLA seats, YCP has clear strength in 18, and the remaining may go to the TDP-Janasena alliance provided the right candidates are fielded.

Let us go into the details district-wise.

Combined Srikakulam District: 

There are ten assembly seats in Srikakulam district, out of which the YCP and TDP alliance is leading in five seats. Srikakulam, Palakonda, Rajam, Narasannapet, and Palasa are the seats where YCP is dominant, while the TDP alliance is favored in Tekkali, Amudalavalasa, Ichapuram, Patapatnam, and Etcherla.

Combined Vizianagaram District:

Coming to the combined Vizianagaram district, a total of nine Assembly seats are here. In 2019, YCP made a clean sweep of the entire district. This time, however, there seems to be some inclination towards TDP.

The ruling YCP is leading in Cheepurupally, Gajapatinagar, Nellimarla, Kurupam, Parvathipuram, and Saluru assembly seats in this district. These seats are likely to be won under any circumstances.

At the same time, the TDP Janasena alliance has increased its influence in Bobbili, Vizianagaram, and Sringavarapukota.

Combined Visakhapatnam District:

There are fifteen assembly seats here when it comes to the combined Visakhapatnam district. Out of this, there are four in Visakhapatnam City, nine in Visakhapatnam Rural District, and two in the Agency region.

In the entire combined Visakha district, the ruling YCP is leading in seven seats, and the TDP Janasena alliance in eight seats.

If we look at Visakhapatnam city, Visakhapatnam South, and Visakhapatnam North are favored by YCP, while Visakhapatnam East and Visakhapatnam West assembly constituencies are likely to fall under the TDP account.

It seems that the Janasena alliance of TDP is leading in Bhimunipatnam, Gajuwaka, Pendurthi, Anakapalli, Narsipatnam, and Elamanchili seats.

YCP is favored in Chodavaram, Payakaraopeta, Madugula as well as Araku and Paderu in the agency. Overall, the chances of a close fight between YCP and TDP in the joint Visakha district are clear.

On the whole, YCP didn't lose its sheen or grip but lost some segments due to the natural anti-incumbency which surrounds after 5 years of rule.

At the same time, though TDP-Janasena gained some momentum, they are way behind to see the overall triumph but appear to be giving a tough fight.


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