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Narendra Modi's Power Continues to Haunt CBN

Narendra Modi's Power Continues to Haunt CBN

Chandrababu, renowned for his political alliances throughout his career, currently stands without any alliance except for Janasena. 

It's surprising to note that he is not part of the national alliance, I.N.D.I.A, though his terms are strained with Narendra Modi. He made a resolute decision to seek reconciliation with the BJP, seemingly eager to mend fences with the Lotus Party.

However, despite his prolonged efforts at reconciliation, Narendra Modi has not extended his blessings. 

At present, CBN finds himself arrested and imprisoned. He may even suspect Modi's involvement in his arrest, yet he refrains from openly expressing his desire to join I.N.D.I.A., even to gain some solidarity and support during this challenging phase of his life.

Why so? 

According to political insiders, there is a clear reason for this.

Chandrababu harbors a deep fear of Modi, firmly believing in Modi's potential in coming back to power for the third term shortly. So, joining I.N.D.I.A. now would undermine the years he spent in penance to secure BJP's support. 

Moreover, CBN has already tasted insults from the current BJP government, unable to secure any appointments in Delhi. He fears that enduring another term under the BJP's rule, simply for the sake of being in the opposing group, would be unbearable.

On the other hand, he also has another strategic consideration. Even in the case of he returning to power in Andhra Pradesh, recognizes the need for Central Government's blessings to ensure the smooth functioning of his government. He envies Jagan Mohan Reddy's comfortable relationship with the Central Government at present and is unwilling to miss that advantage upon his return to power.

There is a third dimension to his thinking as well. In the event that his expectations are proven wrong, and the I.N.D.I.A. alliance comes to power, Chandrababu is confident in his ability to navigate that group easily, given the presence of corruption within it. But such management is not possible with Modi. 

Whether or not Chandrababu fears God remains unknown, but his fear of Narendra Modi has persisted for the past five years. Even during the most challenging phase of his life, he refrains from seeking the support of Modi's opposition. 

Inspite of all this, his son Lokesh is trying to get the support from I.N.D.I.A people for his arrested father at present.


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