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Nagababu's 'Special Status' In Jana Sena

Nagababu's 'Special Status' In Jana Sena

There has been no clarity for anybody regarding the allotment of seats in Jana Sena for the coming elections except for one person. That's Nagababu, the elder brother of Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan.

Nagababu has been assigned the Anakapalli Lok Sabha seat to contest, and he is there campaigning in his own style.

He is attending the wedding events of people in that constituency and spending time with local leaders and people.

If anybody is upset with this development, Pawan Kalyan himself is talking to them and pampering them with soft words, as per an insider.

If Pawan is spending such time and energy on just one constituency to placate the disappointed leaders who expect a ticket to contest, how would he face the challenge if the other tickets are announced? It's a big question.

Keeping that aside, similar clarity is not given to other leaders. Every candidate needs some time to prepare for their campaign and reach out to the voters.

It is not enough if only Nagababu wins and becomes the MP. Pawan said that he is about to do new-fangled politics. Is this it?


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