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Murder Attempt on Varma: Injuries To Hand

Murder Attempt on Varma: Injuries To Hand

The attack on Pithapuram Varma, the ex MLA of TDP, was initially reported as mere vandalism of his car.

However, Varma himself came forward to explain, and visuals were released exposing the brutality of the attack.

Pithapuram Varma stated that Janasena members related to Tangella Uday attacked him with a brick and soda bottles.

The brick broke through the car window and hit him on his hand, he said. He also mentioned that the soda bottles were broken, and the pieces hit other TDP leaders behind him.

When asked why he was attacked so severely after helping Pawan Kalyan achieve victory, he replied, "That's my bad fate."

When asked what the Janasena leadership was saying about this, he said that he hadn't complained to anyone so far.

He also anticipated that Pawan Kalyan wouldn't welcome this sort of violence in any form and believed in him, which is why he traveled with him during these elections.

When asked about his next plan of action, Varma said that the vandalized car will remain on the road as it is, and only when the police intervene and do justice will he move accordingly. This incident took place at Gollaprolu Mandal.


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