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Lokesh's Strange Tweets Show His Frustration

Lokesh's Strange Tweets Show His Frustration

Lokesh Naidu is continuing the same frustration and supporting what he spoke in the recent press meet. He stated again that YS Jagan is 'timid'.

His long tweet is like this: "For not being able to find suitable candidates from YSRCP to contest in Municipal Elections, they have threatened and lured TDP candidates to contest on behalf of them. Jagan's party is so useless that it couldn't find candidates for Palasa and Rayadurgam. 

They couldn't dare to come out from Tadepalli knowing that people would beat them. YCP candidates couldn't dare to reach the public to ask for votes. They have threatened and made unanimous elections. 

Now, the TDP candidates are being pulled to face the Municipal elections as well. That's why you are timid and your leadership is useless". 

These tweets of Lokesh are making a large section of people laugh. 

He says that YCP candidates were afraid to reach the people. At the same time he says that they have threatened the people to make the election unanimous. How can the candidates who are afraid of people can threaten them?

He says that TDP candidates are being pulled to YSRCP's side. Why is he not talking about TDP pulling the 23 MLAs from YSRCP during his father's tenure?

"His tweets depict his frustration and identity crisis. He has no originality in tweeting as well. He is trying to imitate Vijaysai Reddy's style of tweeting", wrote a netizen on social media.

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