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Kotla Into TDP, What About Butta?

Kotla Into TDP, What About Butta?

Former Union minister Kotla Suryaprakash Reddy along with his wife and ex-MLA Kotla Sujatha and son Raghavendra Reddy is all set to join the Telugu Desam Party, after they met party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu over dinner at his Vundavalli residence on Monday night.

While Kotla’s entry has certainly given considerable strength to the TDP in Kurnool, it is also causing unrest in the TDP leaders, especially those who have been loyal to the party for several years, as Kotla family has put forth several demands before joining the party.

Apparently, Naidu has agreed to the demand of Kotla for the party ticket for Kurnool parliamentary seat. This has put the fate of sitting MP Butta Renuka, who defected from YSR Congress party, in jeopardy.

Not long ago, Naidu’s son Nara Lokesh during his Kurnool visit declared that Butta would be the TDP candidate for Kurnool LS seat again.

Now with Naidu confirming the party ticket to Kotla from Kurnool LS seat, Butta is confused. Though she told the media that she would abide by whatever decision the party would take, she is obviously worried.

It is learnt the TDP chief might field her from Yemmiganur assembly constituency in place of sitting MLA B V Jayanageshwar Reddy.

Meanwhile, the family of deputy chief minister K E Krishnamurthy, which has traditional rivalry with the Kotla family, is said to be unhappy with Naidu admitting the latter into the party.

Adding to their anger, Kotla’s wife Sujathamma is said to be asking for the MLA ticket from Dhone constituency.

But, Naidu has already appointed K E Krishnamurthy’s brother K E Pratap as the party in-charge of Dhone, if Sujathamma is given the Dhone ticket, Pratap will be at loss.

Similarly, Kotla’s son Raghavendra Reddy is asking for MLA ticket from Aluru or Kodumuru. In both the constituencies, the TDP has strong candidates. If Kotla’s son is given the party ticket, it will lead to serious revolt in the party, say obsevers.


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