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Kesineni ready to fight even as independent!

Kesineni ready to fight even as independent!

It appears firebrand Telugu Desam Party MP from Vijayawada parliamentary constituency Kesineni Srinivas alias Nani has realised that he might not get the party ticket to contest the next year’s parliament elections because of his rebellious attitude.

For the last few weeks, Kesineni has been making sharp comments against the party leadership, after getting hints that TDP president and former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu is grooming his younger brother Kesineni Chinni to contest from Vijayawada Lok Sabha constituency.

On Tuesday, Kesineni announced that he was not going to lose anything if Chandrababu Naidu does not give him the party ticket for the Lok Sabha elections next time.

“I am ready to contest as an independent. If the people want me, they will vote for me, even if I contest as an independent,” he said.

The MP reacted sharply to the reports doing rounds in the media that he won’t contest the next elections.

“Who said I am retiring from politics? Can you show any evidence? If the people want, I am ready to contest again, even as an independent,” he said.

Stating that he has the backing of Tata Group chairman Ratan Tata, Kesineni said he would take the help of Tata Trust and do service to the people to win their confidence by adopting their villages. 

Making an indirect attack on the TDP chief for taking part in the distribution of sarees at Guntur leading to the death of three people in a stampede, the Vijayawada MP said if anybody wanted to do real service to the people without any selfish motive, he would not distribute sarees at the cost of people’s lives.

“Just because one has distributed 100 sarees, one should not feel as if they are magnanimous. Where have they come from all of a sudden? How did they earn money? Just do some research on these people?” he asked.

Kesineni said further: “They come from nowhere in the name of some foundation and distribute a few sarees. They give money to a few poor people and make them run around them, forcing them to raise slogans in their support. Is it called politics? Is it called public service?” he asked.

Finding fault with some leaders who are trying to projecting him  as a local leader fighting with gully-level leaders, Kesineni claimed that he was a national-level politician, who has a big image in Delhi.

“I opposed Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha. Yet, I could get the works done in Vijayawada. That is Kesineni Nani. Don’t try to degrade my stature. If you want to bring down my level, my personality will only enhance. Mind it,” he warned.

Kesineni regretted that it was unfortunate that only those who joined the party before the elections would get the recognition in the party.

“I have been developing villages with over 100 trusts. I am confident that the people will trust me and vote for me again,” he said.


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