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Kamma Tag: It is not about population Mr Naidu

Kamma Tag: It is not about population Mr Naidu

Former chief minister and TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu had come out with a new argument, to counter the Kamma-hate campaign in the State. 

During his meeting with the farmers at Yerrabalem village, one of the 29 capital villages, Chandrababu Naidu had come up with the village population data.

He said that Amaravati is being branded as Kamma city and hatred is being created attributing him to the caste.

In Yerrabalem village, according to him, 8000 Kapus, 1500 Brahmins, 1400 Yadavas, 600 Gowdas, 1400 Padmasalis and more than 2000 are SCs and STs, while Kammas are just 100 people. 

Every village in the capital were like this with more SC population, he said and alleged that the ruling YSR Congress was blaming it as Kamma city. 

Well, Naidu might be right in terms of population. The population of the ruling castes – both Kamma and Reddy – is comparatively less. But the issue is who is ruling them?

Though in small number, the Kammas in Amaravati dominated every other caste in the last five years. They own major share of lands in the 29 villages and thus have strong financial base. 

With the TDP in power, the Kammas, while being minority in numbers, as Naidu claimed, did everything to prove that they are strong and they are the deciding factors. 

They captured all the contracts and purchased more lands, thus giving the caste tag to the capital city, which is why every other caste united against the Kammas and continue the hate campaign. 

Hope Naidu will understand the reality and come to terms so that he could correct his party and the caste as well, before the hate campaign causes greater damage!



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