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'Kamma' police officials in AP ignore EC orders!

'Kamma' police officials in AP ignore EC orders!

Though the Election Commission of India took serious note of few AP police officials supporting TDP on 'caste grounds' and transferred few officers last week, it failed to bring prevent 'kamma' police officials from doing 'favours' to TDP in elections.

The EC had transferred AP intelligence bureau chief AB Venkateshwar Rao last week and asked him to report to police headquarters immediately.

But, even after a week, Venkateshwar Rao did not report to headquarters and continue to meet TDP chief and AP CM N Chandrababu Naidu and other top TDP leaders 'secretly' and sharing all the confidential information with them. 

Venkateshwar Rao is learnt to be assisted by few more top kamma officials who are giving him access to all the 'confidential information' even after his transfer.

He is reportedly still playing a key role in tapping of phones of YSRCP leaders, arranging and distribution of money to voters.

Naidu has appointed two retired Kamma police officers T Yoganand and Madava Rao as OSDs (Officers on Special Duty) in AP Intelligence department.

Both these officers are alleged to be helping their fellow Kamma officer AB Venkateshwar Rao in accessing all the confidential intelligence information even after Election Commission has transferred him from Intelligence chief post.

When these kamma officers are openly supporting TDP on caste grounds and ignoring EC's orders, questions are being raised how EC could conduct AP elections in a fair, free and transparent manner.

Unless the EC takes more stringent steps to curb such officers showing caste discrimination, this menace cannot be checked.



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