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K A Paul's Shocking Oath Makes People Cry

K A Paul's Shocking Oath Makes People Cry

Politics is generally a serious business, especially during elections, when all leaders tend to lash out at their opponents.

At present, the whole affair is heated, particularly with the current summer sun adding to the political heat.

Amidst such seriousness and heat, if people are to be entertained with comedy, there must be a leader who generates humor. KA Paul is the leader who is known for that. 

Due to the presence of KA Paul, politics in the Telugu states is infused with a bit of comedy.

During the assembly elections in Telangana state, people enjoyed his humor. He stated that he would become CM of the state. 

Now, in the AP election, he has taken comedy to another level. After entering the election fray there, he declared his intention to contest as an MLA in all 175 constituencies of the state. 

He said that if Pawan merges his Jana Sena into his Praja Shanti Party, then he would make Pawan the CM of the state.

Only he has the guts to promise that if elected as the Chief Minister of AP, he will pay off the existing debts of fifty thousand crores of rupees and additionally bring investments of lakhs of crores of rupees for development works within a month. 

Such is the great political comedian KA Paul, who is now amusing and disappointing the Telugu people simultaneously.

Apart from running for Gajuwaka MLA, KA Paul is also in the ring as Visakha MP. He says that if he does not win now, he will never contest an election again.

He claims that if he wins, he will bring industries and provide jobs within 100 days. If he loses, he vows not to contest any election again. Alas, how challenging it is for the people of Telugu states to survive without the humor of KA Paul.

Let us wish he changes his mind and takes back his oath in the interest of people.


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