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Janasainiks Say No To Pawan Kalyan's Idea

Janasainiks Say No To Pawan Kalyan's Idea

Pawan Kalyan is contemplating leading the TDP and its supporters. His brother, Nagababu, has also stated that the TDP has no choice but to follow Pawan Kalyan's lead. 

However, the irony lies in the fact that Pawan Kalyan must first abl eto lead his own party members.

Janasainiks are now vehemently opposing the idea of an alliance between Janasena and the TDP.

During Nagababu's meeting with Janasainiks from Madanapalli, Tamballapalli, Chittoor, Pootalapattu, Palamaneru, Punganur, and Kuppam, a unanimous sentiment emerged against forming an alliance with the TDP. 

All the Janasainiks present at the meeting expressed their reluctance to ally with the TDP and demanded that they would consider it only if Pawan is announced as the Chief Ministerial candidate. Even then, they expressed that the TDP would exploit Janasena and offers nothing at the end. 

It appears that Pawan Kalyan must invest considerable time and effort in persuading his own party members before contemplating an alliance and leading the TDP cadre.


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