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Jagan banking on Venu Swamy prediction?

Jagan banking on Venu Swamy prediction?

CM Jagan Reddy is believed to have a lot of faith in the predictions of popular astrologer Venu Swamy regarding the outcome of the assembly elections in the state.

A video of Venu Swamy traveling with Jagan in a car went viral on social media on Wednesday.

It is not immediately known and verified when and where this video was taken, but according to sources, the video was released to the media by none other than Venu Swamy himself.

In the video, Venu Swamy can be seen seriously explaining something to Jagan, who is listening patiently with a smile on his face.

It appeared as if Venu Swamy was describing to Jagan what the possible outcome of the election would be.

It may be mentioned that Venu Swamy has been openly proclaiming in debates conducted by various television channels that Jagan is going to come back to power for a second successive term with a big majority.

“The stars are very much in Jagan's favor, and there are enough indications in astrology that he will emerge victorious. All planetary movements show that the YSRCP will come back to power again,” he declared.

However, Venu Swamy predicted that ministers like R K Roja, Ambati Rambabu, and Gudivada Amarnath would face a tough time in the elections. But YSRCP candidate from the Nellore parliamentary constituency, V Vijay Sai Reddy, would have greater chances of winning compared to TDP candidate Vemireddy Prabhakar Reddy, he said.


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