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Investors Are After The Farmers In Amaravati

Investors Are After The Farmers In Amaravati

The farmers in Amaravati have a major problem, or rather pressure now, which is why they are fighting on the streets.

Several of the farmers have sold their lands to the prospective investors, when the prices shot up from just Rs 5 lakh an acre to Rs 5 crore when the area was declared capital.

The farmers made huge profits from their lands, except those in Undavalli, Penumaka and the fertile multi-crop soils along the river.

The prospective investors from outside, including the TDP leaders, have paid this money to the farmers in those days and purchased the lands. They believed in the leadership of Chandrababu Naidu and his digital creation of Amaravati as global destination.

Now, with change of government in the State and the government pushing forward three capitals proposal, the prices have come down drastically. There are no hopes of the area becoming a global destination in near future as promised by Chandrababu Naidu.

The decision of the Jagan Mohan Reddy had thus left those prospective investors to spend sleepless nights and run after the farmers who sold the lands.

The investors are now visiting the villages and the farmers and asking them to join the agitation to mount pressure on the government to continue Amaravati as capital so that they can, somehow, get back their money.

Several farmers are now under pressure from these investors, who backed Chandrababu Naidu’s digital presentations and the graphical city in those days.

They are also cursing Chandrababu Naidu for creating such an unimaginable hype making them to buy the lands at such a high price.

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