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Exposed: TDP, Jana Sena fake propaganda!

Exposed: TDP, Jana Sena fake propaganda!

For the last few weeks, the opposition parties Telugu Desam Party and Jana Sena have been making every attempt to malign the YSR Congress party and its government in Andhra Pradesh through their social media wings.

Both the parties are operating in tandem – first, the TDP leaders including their boss N Chandrababu Naidu and junior boss Lokesh will tweet a negative report against chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, his government and his party. 

A few minutes later, Jana Sena chief and actor Pawan Kalyan repeats the same tweet sharing the same pictures and videos, attacking the ruling party. This has been the trend for quite some time.

On Friday, too, both Naidu and his adopted son sought to repeat the same gimmick in the social media to show the YSRC in poor light. It started with some pro-TDP media (including those two major newspapers) carried a story saying YSRC activists painted the party colour to the pedestal bearing Mahama Gandhi statue in front of Bhairipuram gram panchayat office of Merakamudidam mandal in Vizianagaram district.

Within no time, the photograph of pedestal of Mahatma Gandhi statue with YSRC party colour went viral in the social media, thanks to a systematic campaign by the TDP social media wing. 

And an hour later, Naidu posted the same picture on his twitter and attacking the YSRC leaders. He commented that the YSRC leaders who painted party colour on the panchayat building erasing the tricolour had not learnt the lesson and desecrated Gandhi statue.

Some time later, Pawan Kalyan posted the same pictures and same comment. He even questioned: “Yesterday it was tricolour, today it is Gandhi statue. What is tomorrow, Jagan Reddy ji?”

But enquiries by the YSRC revealed that it was a photo-shopped picture. The party leaders immediately posted the original picture of the Gandhi statue and mentioned alongside the photoshopped images used by Naidu and Pawan Kalyan, saying that they were fake photographs.

“The yellow batch is not able to digest the fact that they have lost. So, they launched a smear campaign against the YSRC. The inconsistency in images and writings shows how low @pawankalyan and @ncbn are willing to go conspire against the government. The real photo is here for your reference. Do give it a look and judge the character of so called opposition partners.#TDPJSPFakePropaganda,” the YSRC social media wing commented.

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