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Eletions 2019: Raju Community vs Ganta

Eletions 2019: Raju Community vs Ganta

Ganta Srinivas Rao has the reputation of being a politician who can win from any constituency irrespective of the Party he is in. But 2019 might see him face his biggest challenge yet.

Ganta will be contesting from Vizag North and his main rivals are Vishnu Kumar Raju of the BJP and KK Raju of YSRCP.

According to sources, Ganta had actually been planning to contest from Vizag North for the last one year itself and had started the groundwork for the same.

However, this decision was kept under wraps and the impression was given that he would be contesting rom Bhimili again thereby taking Vishnu Kumar Raju and KK Rau unawares.

Both Vishnu and KK Raju belong to the Kshatriya community but there is a danger of their vote bank being split and this might work to the advantage of Ganta.

Incidentally, Ganta has never contested from the same constituency twice. Therefore, Vishnu and KK Raju are likely to come up with the theory that Ganta will desert Vizag North after his purpose is served.

Besides, in the recent past, Vishnu has also leveled some serious land-grabbing allegations against Ganta.

The situation is not unlike that in Bhimavaram in the recent past where the Kapus and Kshatriyas have been at loggerheads over various issues.

While Ganta is definitely not wanting in money, his rivals are up to the task as well.

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