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Chiranjeevi Vs Pawan: Zero Intelligence And No Common Sense

Chiranjeevi Vs Pawan: Zero Intelligence And No Common Sense

There were high expectations when Chiranjeevi's party PRP was launched in 2008. However, there were many flaws in the party's management.

Chiranjeevi inadvertently became a pawn in the political game orchestrated by Chandrababu Naidu and his team, who aimed to leverage Chiranjeevi's charisma to defeat YSR.

However, this is where Chiranjeevi's lack of maturity became evident. Following YSR's demise, the Congress lost its leadership in the united AP.

Chiranjeevi, possessing considerable charisma, could have seized the initiative to secure a significant position in the state's political landscape. 

Unfortunately, he did not take the necessary steps forward. Instead, he merged his party with the Congress and served as a Union Minister during the state's partition. Despite numerous suggestions for him to oppose the state's division, Chiranjeevi remained inactive. 

Following the state's bifurcation in 2014, there was a prime opportunity for him to shape the political landscape in his favor, but he failed to capitalize on it, leading to his disengagement from political life.

Pawan Kalyan, on the other hand, had three political opportunities. In 2014, he aligned himself closely with Modi during the latter's candidacy for Prime Minister.

Despite this advantageous position, Pawan failed to consolidate his political standing, even as Modi's government gained power at the center.

His political stance against Jagan appears more personal than strategic, lacking clarity on his political objectives, such as his aspirations for the CM position or his party's path to power, which hampers his political future significantly.

Although Pawan joined the NDA and was specially invited by Prime Minister Modi during his visit to Visakhapatnam last year, he left deaf ear to the opportunity to lead the BJP-Janasena alliance.

Instead he opted the allaince with Chandrababu more than anything else for reasons unknown. While Chandrababu's political influence in AP has waned, Pawan has unwittingly aligned his political future with Chandrababu's agenda, neglecting his own party's interests.

Pawan's political trajectory, focused on Chandrababu's position and TDP's interests, has alienated those who once believed in him. 

Even if Pawan had aligned solely with the BJP, he could have positioned himself as a kingmaker in the political arena, but this opportunity was squandered. 

Now, Pawan finds himself beholden to Chandrababu's directives, a predicament of his own making. His current mistakes may prove politically irreparable in the future.

Unfortunately, Pawan seems to be repeating Chiranjeevi's political missteps rather than learning from them, with Chandrababu taking the advantage in using his political life. 

One does not need to be highly intelligent to lead a successful political life, but common sense plays a vital role. Both the mega brothers lack it politically.


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