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AP to begin Zero FIR in all police stations

AP to begin Zero FIR in all police stations

The terror and heinous crime on "Disha" in Hyderabad had given enough clue to Andhra Pradesh government to take special care to prevent such crime against women in the State. 

The government had decided to honour missing complaints about women in the state in all police stations across the state. 

The complainants don't have to run from one police station to the other to complain. 

No police would now turn away the complainant on the ground the the crime did not happen in their limits. 

The DGP had issued guidelines to the police to register zero FIR immediately and pass it on to the concerned police station for further action. 

This was first noticed when Disha's parents were turned away by the police when he missing complaint was lodged simply because the place from where she said to be missing. 

The AP DGP had asked the police to accept complaints from the people, particularly about missing of women and girls, without bothering about the jurisdiction of the crime or scene of offence. 

Andhra Pradesh Home Minister M Sucharitha made an announcement on the zero FIR to be implemented in the state. 

The women MLAs in the Assembly cheered the announcement and thanked Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy for the initiative.



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