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Andhra: Jagan Reddy's Biggest Advantage

Andhra: Jagan Reddy's Biggest Advantage

The YSRCP and TDP are engaged in a heated campaign for the upcoming 2024 elections. Naturally, it is an existential crisis for both the Parties.

If Chandrababu were to lose again, it could well be the end of his political career. As for YS Jagan, if he were to lose, the TDP will undoubtedly make life hell for him. Against this backdrop, it is understandable that both the Parties are going all out in their bid to woo the voters.

As of now, the YSRCP’s biggest advantage is the grassroots connect that YS Jagan has in the State. Courtesy of the Odarpu Yatra and later, the Padayatra which he undertook in the past, Jagan got an opportunity to tour the State extensively and build a personal rapport with the electorate.

During this period, he got to know first-hand, the social dynamics of the State and which sections of the population were essential to win the elections and retain power. Accordingly, his social welfare schemes were all designed keeping these sections in mind.

The rural segments are firmly with YS Jagan whereas the urban voters who care about industries, infrastructure and development opportunities are inclined towards the TDP.

But these urban people complain on social media and other forums but rarely cast their vote when the day arrives whereas the rural populace depend on the government for just about everything and therefore tend to vote en masse.

This advantage can well tip the scales in favour of the YSRCP. However, the seasoned campaigner that Chandrababu Naidu is, it would be foolish to think that he is unaware of this problem. After all, he did manage to pull off an upset in 2014 when YSRCP was widely expected to win.


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