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A Decade In Politics, Pawan Yet To Learn Lessons

A Decade In Politics, Pawan Yet To Learn Lessons

It is almost a decade that film actor Pawan Kalyan had entered into politics. He started his political debut in 2009 with his elder brother Megastar Chiranjeevi launching Praja Rajyam Party in August 2008.

The angry young hero and Power Star became the head of Yuva Rajyam, the youth wing of his brother’s party.

Like in films, Pawan Kalyan had come up with several punch dialogues in politics, mostly targeted against the Congress leaders. He gave a call to the people to chase the Congress out of the State.

But, at the end, his brother merged his party with the Congress and became a Congress minister in the Congress-led UPA government.

Though Pawan Kalyan did not join the Congress along with his brother, he remained silent for some years and finally launched his own political outfit – Jana Sena in March 2014. This time, he aligned with the BJP and TDP and again targeted the Congress to some extent.

As the Congress was reduced to insignificant place in the State after bifurcation and YSR Congress emerged as strong alternative in the State, the Power Star, in his alliance with the BJP and TDP, targeted the regional Congress.

After the elections, he had distanced from the BJP while continuing some secrete relationship with the TDP till 2018. Then he shifted to the Left parties, worshiped Mayawathi, giving a different look for his politics.

In the humiliating defeat he had tasted in the 2019 general elections, he had dumped the Communists and Mayawathi, and again went back to the BJP.

He is now sailing with the BJP only to leave the party again if the YSR Congress aligns with the BJP. The moment Jagan walks into the NDA, if happen as speculated, he would be left with no option but to walk out of the BJP.

All this shows that this young star had not learned where to stand and what to speak or what line to take in politics. He is moving Left to Right and Right to Left, without having a standard political line, which will not help him survive in politics for longer time.

Even in the Amaravati issue, he blamed the previous government for location of the capital and the forced land pooling. Now, he is blaming the present government for decentralization of politics.

He speaks about neglect of North Andhra and Rayalaseema one day and blames the government for distributing development in the name of decentralized capitals the next day.

With ever changing or inconsistent politics and inconsistent policies, one wonders where Pawan Kalyan would stand in the State politics!



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