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    Political Buzz: A Good Diet Plan
    CM Ramesh's 11-day diet plan went perfectly according to the script. Chandrababu Naidu came on the 11th day and made him break his fast by offering him lemon juice which Ramesh drank in one go.
    'GST Has Become Bad Word In Business'
    The Congress on Sunday attacked the Modi government on the first anniversary of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), saying it has become a bad word among business persons.
    Watch: Lokesh provides solid entertainment
    The crowd at Kakinada could not hold back their laughter thanks to Nara Lokesh who badly goofed up once again with his Telugu.
    HOT: Participant Bribed His Way To Reality Show?
    A popular reality show on a leading channel is now the subject of speculation. Apparently, one of the participants on the show with political connections paid a lot of money in lakhs to get into the show.
    Come On Naidu, Give Us A Break
    Chandrababu Naidu went to Kakinada as part of his Dharma Porata Deeksha where he once again wailed about the injustice meted out to the State by the Centre.
    KCR in trouble for taunting tenant farmers
    The much-hyped programme Rythu Bandhi launched by Telangana Rashtra Samithi president and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao to provide cash incentive of Rs 8,000 per acre per year is going to land him in deep trouble.
    Petrol and diesel in GST: No benefit to common man
    If you are one of those who think that bringing petrol and diesel prices under the ambit of GST will drastically reduce their prices and make life easier for the common man, think again!
    JSP to contest all seats, but where're candidates?
    Power star and Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan has been making tall claims that his party would not have any tie up with any party and would contest all the assembly and Lok Sabha seats in the next elections.
    Potti Sriramulu Didn't Sacrifice His Life For Andhra?
    Political leaders should think twice before talking in public. They should be thoroughly prepared on what they have to talk about in public, since any wrong statement that goes into people cannot be taken back so easily.
    Ramesh's Fasting Drama Comes To End
    As expected, Telugu Desam Party’s Rajya Sabha member C M Ramesh on Saturday broke his 11-day indefinite fast which he had taken up on June 20, demanding establishment of a steel factory at Kadapa.
    A Black Day For The Andhras: Opinion
    June 28 will go down as another black day in the history of the Andhras for Telanganite KCR will be visiting Vijayawada and presenting a nose stud to the Mother Goddess.
    US sex racket: Original or forged?
    The arrest of Kishan Modugumudi and his wife Chandrakala has opened a Pandora’s Box in the US.
    Now, Andhra gods and Telangana gods
    The Telugus have been divided along regional lines into Andhras and Telanganites. It’s now time for the gods to be divided as well.
    Will the Centre take AP seriously anymore?
    The video of the TDP MPs themselves making fun of CM Ramesh’s deeksha has proved that the TDP itself does not take the deeksha seriously.
    Its JC Pavan vs Paritala Sriram
    The younger generation of TDP leaders is all set to prove their mettle in the upcoming elections whether it be the sons of Karanam Balaram, Devineni Nehru, Ayyanna Patrudu, Yerram Naidu etc.