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'Vykuntapali' Review: Spoilsport

'Vykuntapali' Review: Spoilsport

Rating: 1.5/5
Hare Rama Hare Krishna
Cast: Krishnudu, Ajay, Tashu Kaushik, Tanikella, Subbaraju, Harshavardhan, Posani, Rajeev Kanakala and others
Music: Anil Gopireddy
Editor: Marthand K Venkatesh
Cinematographer: Jawahar Reddy
Director: Anil Gopireddy
Producers: P Swathi, P Satyadeep
Release date: 27/05/2011
A multi-starrer of sorts has arrived and this has the team of Krishnudu, Ajay and Ranadheer in the lead. Slated to be a mystery flick, let us see how curious it makes us.
A flashback tale, the story begins with the robbing of an ATM and drifts into the lives of three friends. Chandu (Krishnudu) whose only goal in life is to take care of his mom and give her the best, Kranthi (Ajay) who believes in reforming the society by becoming a journalist, Michael (Ranadheer) who believes in luxury lifestyle and doesn’t mind doing crooked things.

Years pass by and each of them get into jobs with their own problems. While Chandu gets a decent job, he is still worried since his mom’s condition deteriorates. Michael is busy duping people for money and his goal is to go to Singapore. Kranthi runs a charity home along with a software job, on the other hand, his team leader Snigdha (Tashu) is in love with him but he doesn’t reciprocate despite having feelings.

The story takes a turn with the clash of ideologies setting in and above that, a need for money. What happens after that forms the rest of the story.
Krishnudu comes up with a decent act. However, the milder he behaves the appealing he becomes. It is better he avoids dancing and other physical acts.

Ajay has a strong screen presence and intensity in his performance. He will shine if given proper roles with ample screen time.

Ranadheer was spontaneous and does his bit as required.

Tashu Kaushik is the sole visual delight. She struck a balance with glamour and performance to add value to the film. 

Tanikella was elegant, Subbaraju was brief, Posani was little quiet, Rajeev Kanakala was neat, it was good to see Sathya Krishna back on screen, Harshavardhan was not used to the fullest. The others didn’t have much to offer.

  • Theme of the film
  • Background score
  • Spicy song of Tashu- Ajay


  • Confused narrative
  • Too many elements in the story
  • Directorial flaws
  • Nil comedy
  • Zero entertainment quotient
  • Ghost episode

In order to become a director, it is essential that he must have command over the 60 scenes.

Also, it is important that he must be aware of the pulse of the audience and the ability to structure the scenes in such a way that they get connected. However, all that was missing here and it left a fluctuating effect.

While it is felt that the director had a noble intention to convey a good message, the lack of proper grip on the screenplay and weak conviction in critical scenes exposes the poor side of the film.

So, by merely thinking that what he has conceived will work onscreen without awareness of the external factors will result in a wonderful flop. Something like that is expected to happen in this case as well.

Bottomline: Broken ladders and disgusting snakes 

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