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Thimmarusu Review: Weak Narrative With Contrived Screenplay

Thimmarusu Review: Weak Narrative With Contrived Screenplay

Movie: Thimmarusu
Rating: 2.5/5
East Coast Productions, S Originals
Cast: Satyadev, Priyanka Jawalkar, Ajay, Brahmaji, Ankith, Ravi Babu and others
Music: Sricharan Pakala
Cinematography: Appu Prabhakar
Editor: Tammi Raju
Art: Kiran Kumar Mann
Producers: Mahesh Koneru, Srujan Yarabolu
Screenplay and Direction: Sharan Koppisetty
Release Date: July 30, 2021

In these COVID-19 times, one actor who has gained recognition with OTT releases is actor Satyadev. He has proved his mettle. Coming out of his regular forte, he has done a thriller called “Thimmarusu”, which hit the screens today.

“Thimmarusu” is also the first release after the second wave of coronavirus. Let’s find out how the film has fared.  

A cab driver is found murdered. A young boy is sentenced for the murder of this cab driver. Eight years later, he is on parole, and a young lawyer Ramachandra (Satyadev) takes up the case of indemnity (a case of compensation).

Ramchandra soon realizes that the innocent boy has been framed. Ram Chandra is intelligent and has a mind of a detective. 

His girlfriend (Priyanka Jawalkar) and his friend Sudha (Brahmaji), both are lawyers, help him in this case. Ramachandra finds that the case is complicated, with many dark secrets.

The rest of the drama is all about a lawyer’s quest for the truth.

Artistes’ Performances:
Satyadev has got a chance to play a regular ‘hero’-like character. He has delivered it decently. He is less of a lawyer, more of a detective in the film.

Priyanka Jawalkar as his girlfriend is miscast. She looks overweight and her character is poorly written. The romance between them is sparse and dull.

Brahmaji has tried to provide some laughs. Ajay as an evil police officer has fitted the role perfectly.

Ankith Koyya who played the innocent victim has done a neat job.

Technical Excellence:
The film has pretty ordinary technical values with Sricharan providing apt tracks. Editing should have been sharper. The dialogue writing is also pretty lame. 

The mystery angle
The final portions

Inconsistent narration
Hero-heroine track
Many loose ends

Said to be based on a Kannada movie, "Thimmarusu" is essentially a whodunit tale. The presentation and the screenplay, however, don’t follow the routine.

To the simple ‘murder mystery’, the original writer has added some elements to make it look trendy and stylish.

The story is narrated through the point of view of four characters, each story providing a different dimension.

The dimensions have generated interest in the initial stage, but after a point, the director also seems to have lost interest in them. For example, the third and fourth dimensions are clumsily and hastily wrapped.

Although the later portions are gripping, many scenes are pretty routine. They also defy logic. Satyadev’s character doesn’t behave like a lawyer but as a detective.

The crime happened in 2011, and the hero reopens the case in 2019. But all characters recall the incidents of eight years ago in a crystal clear manner, which is unbelievable.

Whenever the hero hits the roadblock in the investigation, he gets an idea from an incident that happens in front of his eyes. It again looks a case of convenience than organic.

The biggest disappointment is the villain. The main antagonist is too weak, and the motive for his actions is not startling at all. For any thriller, these are crucial. We are told that the villain is powerful, and had taken care of everything to kill the evidence, but in the final act, the villain acts as a novice.

New director Shravan Koppisetty has failed to handle many scenes. Too much artificiality in the way actors behave is one example to mention. The Pooja sequence of Satyadev and the heroine Priyanka is another example to say how clumsily the direction is.

In the end, the film becomes a fight between Rama and Vaali (the mythology connection), and there is also a history angle - ‘Thimmarusu’, thus bringing the justification to the title. The film’s full title is – “Thimmarusu: Assignment Vali”.

The lack of gripping narration and slow-paced drama doesn’t make us involved in the proceedings. The suspense is built slowly with real drama coming in the latter half of the film. Too much detailing has also marred the proceedings. The thrill factors are very few.

On the whole, “Thimmarusu” is a a murder mystery that tries to be smart at times, but it fails to rise above the regular thrillers.

Bottomline: Low IQ Writing


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