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'Thikka' Review: Torture To The Core!

'Thikka' Review: Torture To The Core!

Movie: Thika
Rating: 1/5
Sri Venkateshwara Movie Makers
Cast: Sai Dharam Tej, Larissa, Mannara Chopra, Rajendra Prasad, Ajay, Ali, Sapthagiri, Vennela Kishore, Rehman, Posani, Mumaith Khan, Tagubothu Ramesh and others
Story, Screenplay: Sheik Dawood
Dialogues: Lakshmi Bhoopal, Harsha Vardhan
Music: S S Thaman
Cinematography: K V Guhan
Editor: Karthika Srinivas
Producers: Dr. C Rohin Kumar Reddy
Screenplay and direction: Sunil Reddy
Release date: August 13, 2016

Sai Dharam Tej has delivered back to back hits recently. Hence his new movie "Thikka" has generated good buzz.

The trade is expecting that Sai Dharam would deliver another hit with this movie. But does the movie has such potential? Let's find out.

Aditya (Sai Dharam Tej) loves a beautiful girl Anjali (Larissa). Aditya works in a corporate company but he is hardly seen working in an office but we get to see him taking up the bottle all the time. Anjali breaks up with him over a small quarrel and the frustrated Aditya along with his friends go to a restaurant and start drinking.

A series of mad events follow - they fight with some guys, destroy a restaurant, a petrol bunk is burnt, etc. We see lot of twists in the story with the introduction of many characters.

Artistes’ Performances:
Sai Dharam Tej has shown his mark as a mass hero in all the movies he has acted so far but in this role he is completely misfit. The role is at best meant for a comedy actor. His dialogue delivery, his acting is irritating.

Heroine Larissa has looked like a junior artiste. Mannara Chopra who played the lead heroine in recently released "Jakkanna" has played a minor role.

The movie has many actors like Rajendra Prasad, Posani, Sapthagiri, Vennela Kishore but none have come up with worth talking performance. Like the movie everyone has done thikka acting.

Technical Excellence: 
The movie is shot richly. KV Guhan's cinematography and couple of Thaman's songs are good. The production house seems to have invested heavily for the grandeur.

Nothing to say

Start to finish ..everything is worse

"Thikka" means having some sort of eccentric mentality, lacking control over balance of mind. Few minutes into the movie, we understand that the movie's title is aptly put. No movie is as worst as this "Thikka" is in the recent times.

Fifteen minutes after the show began, we feel restless. Another fifteen minutes pass, then we also want to tear up our shirt like the hero in the movie appears in similar torn up clothes all the time. By end of the first half, you would curse yourself for coming to this movie.

Sample some inane scenes:

1. Rajendra Prasad who is going through rehabilitation for drug addiction at a center falls in love with a fellow inmate at the center. She also turns out to be lady don.

2. A call girl comes to Sai Dharam Tej's party and she turns out to be transgender.

3. Raghu Babu ties heroine to a bed post and attempts to rape her but his "battery" frequently gets down.

4. Ajay the villain in the movie also has thikka and he kills people because someone lied, but he doesn’t kill another guy who also lied but not to him.

If one has to take the lyrics from one of the song from the movie and describe the movie, it will go like this: "Okka Scene Nachale, First Halftho Chukkale, Final Ga Thokka Le". Such badly made movie.

The director Sunil Reddy earlier made Kalyan Ram's "Om". Although the film was flop, it wasn't this bad, it had its some moments. But he took this producer's money for a ride and made shabby film with his own thikka. Sai Dharam Tej in order to earn some quick bucks seems to have accepted this crappy story.

All in all, if you pick up a list of bad movies in the recent times, "Thikka" can easily ranks in the top order. If you remain clam and composed after watching this movie, we can say you have achieved highest level of mental maturity. Such a pain this movie is.

Bottom-line: True To Its Name



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