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SiraSri Review: ‘Ye Maya Chesaave’- It’s ‘Heart’ful

SiraSri Review: ‘Ye Maya Chesaave’- It’s ‘Heart’ful

Film: Ye Maya Chesaave
Rating: 3.5/5
Indira Productions
Cast: Naga Chaitanya, Samantha, Krishnudu, Tanya, Surekha Vani, Sanjay Swarup, Devan, Lakshmi, Puri Jagannadh, Trisha Alex and others
Music: A R Rahman
Cinematography: Manoj Paramahamsa
Editing: Anthony
Story, screenplay, direction: Gautham Menon
Producers: Manjula, Sanjay Swarup
Release date: 26/02/2010

Oscar winning music director and India’s pride AR Rehman scored for a Telugu movie after a very long time.  Goutam Vasudev Menon, a class director who makes movies with his heart has come up with an interesting title ‘Ye Maya Chesaave’. When looked at its Tamil title ‘Vinnathandi Varuvaya’, I understood it means ‘vennela daati vastaava’…sounded something interesting. At the same time I understood it’s a movie just for a set of audiences but not for everyone.

I entered the theatre carrying the same opinion and also doubted a bit if I fall in that ‘set of audience those may like this flick’. I was looking the blank white screen in front of me and the censor certificate appeared. Yes, the movie started. The titles started rolling…but in a very different fashion where I haven’t seen so far. The taste of director is understood for showing creativity even in that minute detail. And I didn’t carry away with that. I have many experiences of watching many bad movies those started with interesting things…After 10-15 minutes, I understood that I’m getting disconnected from the narration. I didn’t understand what I was watching. Was that a documentary on interstate love? Or a video on Kerala Tourism? Or a Malayalam learning class? I also heard some murmurs from back seats. The Re-Recording didn’t appeal at all. It sounded like a 10 year old TV serial. Every aspect started appearing disappointing and erratic for me.

But don’t know what magic worked, I have forgotten myself after a while. It’s a saga into nostalgia. It’s a journey into feel. It’s an odyssey into a passionate pleasure of life. Verdant Kerala, vibrant songs, jubilant age, vigilant father, elegant heroine, radiant hero and latent mood started dancing in symphony holding my heart strings. That was a blissful moment from then.

Samanta…!! The gal is like a madrigal. She is gifted with poetic features and she has very bright future. Goutam Menon placed her on right platform. Her poetic eyes, expressive lips, impressive looks and every aspect of her histrionics proved that she is a beauty with talent.

Naga Chaitanya deserves very good commendations for his portrayal. He has shown maturity just in his second movie…Still he needs to grow, but for the role of a hero who is two year younger than heroine, he did right justice and none other would have grooved in the role so well. However, he must flex his face muscles to show the pain and emotion in romantic sequences in his future flicks. His dialogue delivery is good and he has a positive body language. This is a mature performance from him.

Krishnudu did his bit as required, Surekha Vani was standard, Sanjay Swarup was okay, Devan didn’t have much to do, Puri Jagannadh was natural, the others contributed effectively with their performances.

Dialogues by Anuradha are very natural and clear. There is no drama but truth in every word penned by her. She too has bright future as scrip writer.

Well, Naga Chitanya plays the role of Karthik and Samanta plays Jessie.

Karthik (Chaitu) is an engineering pass out whose aim is to become a movie maker. His life takes a turn with the arrival of Jesse (Samantha), the Christian girl of the landlord Joseph (Devan). It is love at first sight for Karthik and despite the age gap and other barriers, he is blindly after her. A game of touch me not happens and Jesse says yes to him. But what lies in store for Karthik is unexpected and how his life takes a turn after that forms the rest of the story.

AR Rehman clean bowled every one with his songs. Goutam Menon did real ‘maya’!!

This is the movie that should be watched not with eyes but with nostalgia. This is the movie that should be understood not with brains but with hearts. Purely, this movie appeals those who have crossed their Graduate studies, Engineering studies, MBBS, MCAs and MBAs. This master piece pulls the senses of audiences with its magic despite they sit with resistance to get lured. It’s the film for class audience those are in the age group 25 ++. The second half is better than first half and the magic worked till the last. The last 15 minutes is very predictable for Telugu audience but still captivating. The closing of the film is very convincing and creative. Appearance of Trisha and Simbu in last scene attracts attention and boosts up interest.

It’s a very genuine script and honest attempt. Goutam is so lucky to find producers for making a film of this sort without demanding for so-called commercial elements which have been the part of cine-religion…high voltage fights, exposing heroines and vulgar dialogues. This movie gives strength for new writers those pen scripts with honesty deep from their hearts.

‘Ye Maya Chesaave’ is an example for a standard of a movie when it goes on to screen directly from heart without any adulteration.

It’s a tender nostalgic ray
That hits hearts and paves way
What else should I say?
Than telling you to watch Ye Maya Chesaave…!!

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