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'SGS' Review: Sardaar Waves Red Towel!

'SGS' Review: Sardaar Waves Red Towel!

Movie: Sardaar Gabbar Singh
Rating: 2.5/5
North Star Entertainments
Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Kajal Agarwal, Sanjana, Lakshmi Rai, Ali, Sharad Kelkar, Mukesh Rishi, Bramhanandam, Urvashi, Posani, Raghu Babu, Bramhaji, ,Shakalaka Shankar and others
Story, Screenplay: Pawan Kalyan
Dialogues: Srimadhav Burra
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography: Arthur Wilson
Editing: Gowtham Raju
Producers: Sharat Marrar, Sunil Lulla
Direction: K S Ravindra (Bobby)
Release Date: 8th April, 2016

Every movie starring Pawan Kalyan is eagerly awaited by his fans and audiences. Due to politics and other activities, Pawan Kalyan didn’t do any movie as lead hero after the record-breaking “Attharintiki Daaredhi”. Since this is the second movie in the series of “Gabbar Singh”, all the more hype was created.

So let’s find out whether this Sardaar is on par with the earlier Gabbar Singh or not.

In a fictional village called Rattanpur, a mining businessman Raja Bhairav Singh (Sharad Kelkar) makes villagers lives miserable with his goondas. Nobody should raise a word against them. Upon the request of the local royal descendant Harinarayan (Mukesh Rishi), a police officer is sent to set things right.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh (Pawan Kalyan), an upright cop comes to this village. Before confronting Raja Bhairav Singh, he plays with the local police and people to understand the situation. And he also saves the local palace’s heiress Harshi (Kajal Aggarwal) and soon love develops between them.

Rest of the drama is how Sardaar Gabbar Singh takes on Raja Bhairav Singh.

Artistes’ Performances:
Expectedly, this is one man show by Pawan Kalyan. From the beginning to end, he is visible everywhere – he does comedy, dances, mimicking, and all sorts of things to make his fans happy but none of them are worthy of claps. Some of his dialogues would connect to the fans, but his performance lacks punch. Indeed, he seems clueless in many scenes.

Kajal is beautiful and is suited well to the role of a princess. Her chemistry with Pawan Kalyan is good. Sharad Kelkar who debuts in the movie as villain is apt for the role.

Lakshmi Rai is seen in a song as an item girl. Sanjana has extended cameo. Brahmanandam fails as comedian with his archaic jokes one more time.

Mukesh Rishi, Aishwarya, Tanikella Bharani, Ali and a host of actors are there but none of them make any impression.

Technical Excellence:
The film has decent technical and production values. One thing that impresses is the set of Rattanpur by Brahma Kadali. Arthur Wilson’s camera has captured the sets created by Brahma Kadali well. The waterfall sequences are shot beautifully.

Of the songs given by Devi Sri Prasad, ‘Chepakalla..” and “O Pilla Subanaalla” are good to hear and see. But DSP has given totally bad output in rerecording. 

Editing is a mess. Many scenes are cut abruptly, and the movie drags on and on. Gowtham Raj’s editing is a huge minus. Except some political-oriented dialogues, rest of them are bad. Story and screenplay by Pawan Kalyan are so beaten to death. 


  • Pawan Kalyan’s show
  • Interval Bang


  • Worst screenplay
  • Bad direction
  • Silly comedy
  • Immature writing
  • Scenes with no proper effect
  • Lengthy runtime
  • Hotchpotch moments

Although the movie bears the name of “Gabbar Singh”, this isn’t a sequel to the 2012’s blockbuster “Gabbar Singh”. Except the name of the hero, story and screenplay written by Pawan Kalyan are completely different. This is where the trouble begins.

While “Gabbar Singh” had a proper storyline with all required elements for a masala movie, this one lacks proper script. The story written by Pawan Kalyan is as old as Himalayas.

The movie begins with Sardaar Gabbar Singh coming from the India border to Andhra – Chattisgarh border (Rattanpur), from there we get to see the mannerisms of Pawan Kalyan.

He walks, he fires gun, he talks, he strolls, he flirts, he sings songs, he does this and that…. this goes on and on till the pre-interval bang.

It looks like whatever that has come into Pawan’s mind on the day of the shooting, the director shot it without proper work. No scene completes properly. There is no link to the next scenes either.

It seems that the makers felt that Pawan Kalyan’s presence is enough for the audiences than telling a captivating story. 

Only at the interval episode, we feel the movie finally coming into the groove but the joy is momentary. Post interval the movie goes down further in dishing out nonsensical scenes.

Nothing happens post interval except Pawan singing duets with Kajal and playing some romantic scenes. Then the lengthy sangeet episode appears. Pawan Kalyan performs Chiranjeevi’s Veena step here. This is good and will appeal to his fans but the episode with parody of Hindi songs and dance bits is not as entertaining as the Antyakashari was in “Gabbar Singh”. 

Entire second half has totally gone haywire. The climax is also another mess. More than a dozen comedy actors are there but none of them get registered as they are seen just as props in the background. As a writer of the screenplay, entire fault lies with Pawan Kalyan only.

In the second half, Pawan Kalyan has come up with some political dialogues like “Kulam gurinchi matladoddu, avasaram unnappudu vaadukoni, avasaram teeraka kulam gurtustonda” which is sure to appeal to mass audiences. There are couple of such dialogues which are designed to elevate his image as a politician. 

The director has no grip on the movie this is clear from the first scene. But overall, this is a movie with less script, fine aspects of movie making and more about Pawan Kalyan and his mannerisms. 

All in all, “Sardaar Gabbar Singh” is a mess of inconsequential scenes with no coherence, no entertainment. It’s doubtful whether his fans will also like this borefest!

Bottomline: Over To pawan Fans

(Venkat can be reached venkat@greatandhra.com or Twitter)

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