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Review: STYLE dominates the SUBSTANCE in MUNNA

Review: STYLE dominates the SUBSTANCE in MUNNA

Rating: 3/5
Banner: Sri Venkateswara Creations
Cast: Prabhas, Ileana, Prakashraj, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Rahul Dev, Tanikella Bharani, Venu Madhav, Posani Krishna Murali, Sukanya, Sridhar, Kalyani, Shriya and Others.
Action: Peter Hein
Editing: Marthand K. Venkatesh
Dialogues:  Koratala Shiva-BVS Ravi
Music:  Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography: C. Ram Prasad
Producer:  'Dil' Raju
Story-Screenplay-Direction: Vamshi Paidipally
Screen Release: 2nd May, 2007

Munna is the 5th film for Dil Raju after 4 consecutive hits like Dil, Aarya, Badhra & Bommarillu. He had given Chance/Life for one more debutant director Vamsi (after Sukumar, Boyapati & Bhaskar). Automatically, there were high expectations on the film and it is a well known truth that the films usually fail to reach the expectations...! Will a Crazy combination of Prabhas (failure streak with Pournami & Yogi) & Illeana (failure in the form of Khatarnack), few Good songs, Dil Raju's production values & fire in Vamsi make this a average film to watch. Read the rest for the answer.

Munna (Prabhas) is a student of Hyderabad University and Nidhi (Illeana) also studies there... Munna can't bare any one getting hurt before his eyes. In the process he beats Rahul (Sridhar Rao), the son of Kaaka (Prakash Raj) and thus collides with Kaaka. Kaaka is a heart-less person, Big Mafia leader who does anything for money & fame. He doesn't mind of loosing anything in the process, even his family...! Munna will have some flashback which ignites him against Kaaka. That has to be watched on the screen.

Meanwhile, Munna files a case against Kaaka saying that Kaaka had killed the political leader, Srinivas (Kota). Thus a direct war starts between Munna & Kaaka. From then the intellectual game starts between both of them. Who wins the game, Why Munna always goes against Kaaka and his flashback forms the rest of the story

Prabhas does justice to his character of Munna (where he grows from a guy who works in a Bar to student, and from friend to leader). He looks a bit different & stylish (Dress designs were good). But the Hair style is not so good. There's no requirement for that (might want to repeat the successes of Pokiri & Desamudhuru). He is extremely good in action episodes & Confrontation, Challenging scenes with Prakash Raj. Prabhas is Ok with his dance movements. But he had improved a lot with his dialogue delivery.

Illeana is OK. She doesn't have much scope to perform. She is present just for the songs and she is good in that. This film scores her better points than her previous disaster, Khatarnack.

Prakash Raj is dependable as usual. He does his job what he is roped in for. Kota is Ok. Venu Madhav & Ragh Babu fills in the gap of comedians and does well to evoke some laughter. Rahul Dev, Tanikella, Posaani, Brahmaji & Sukanya were Ok in their given roles.

Shreya Appears in a special song (item song).

Debutant Vamsi Paidipally had missed out on the screen play by giving more importance to the scenes.... (it is like: Making Strong Bricks but a very weak House). He had succeeded in a big way in getting the action episodes and the Taking Style. He projected the hero's character to the maximum. But, in the course, he missed out on other characters like Heroine and other characters. He presented the film in a modern look but with the same, routine strategies & episodes which generates no interest.

Harris Jairaj's music has no freshness or novelty in it. Except one or two songs like "Koncham Koncham..." & "Manassa...!", his music has nothing to boast off. Peter Hains & Ram Laxmans' Stunts were good...! Marthand K Venkatesh's editing is slick and the Cinematography work by C.Ramprasad (Muraari fame) is one of the strengths of Munna. Dialogues by Korataala are fine and situational. Art work by Anand Sai is very good.

Prabhas's power packed performance, Vamsi's Taking, Action/Challenging episodes (especially the Interval bang & pre-climax twist) and some good photography by Ramprasad are the only strengths of the film.

Weak Storyline, poor Screenplay, Routine episodes, lack of Entertainment/Comedy factor, lack of romantic line between the lead pair & No role for beautiful Illeana are the minuses for the film.

Movie Reviewed by Sree


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