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'Patas' Review: All Set For A Blast

'Patas' Review: All Set For A Blast

Movie: Patas
Rating: 3.25/5
NTR Arts
Cast: Kalyan Ram, Shruthi Sodhi, Sai Kumar, M S Narayana, Posani, Srinivasa Reddy, Prudvi and others 
Editor: Tammi Raju 
Cinematography: Sarvesh Murari 
Music: Sai Karthik 
Producers: Kalyan Ram Nandamuri 
Direction: Anil Ravipudi 
Release Date: Jan 23rd, 2015

Cop stories are the flavor of the season once again and just every movie released in recent times has had a policeman playing the hero. This time, Nandamuri Kalyan Ram plays an IPS officer in Pataas, which is an out and out commercial entertainer. Let’s see how debutant director Anil Ravipudi has handled this latest film from the NTR Arts Banner…

The story starts off in the forests of Jharkhand where ACP Kalyan Sinha (Kalyran Ram) saves union minister JP from Maoists. Before he is safely taken back, he makes him transfer to Hyderabad. Once in Hyderabad, he makes friends with all anti-social elements and makes sure that the police and criminals happily co-exist. Is he really a corrupt officer? Why was Kalyan so keen on moving to Hyderabad? What does he do there and how forms the rest of the story.

Artistes’ Performances:
Kalyan Ram plays Kalyan, the IPS officer who is on a mission to Hyderabad. Unlike his earlier films, where he has played similar roles but in a serious mould, in Pataas, he chills and plays an easy-going cop who is quite entertaining. His body language is relaxed and he does justice to the character scripted for him.

Shruti Sodhi plays his heroine and TV reporter Maahi who is alright for her part. Where she cannot make up for her acting, she makes up with her glamour.

Sai Kumar as DGP Krishna Prasad gets to play a meaty role in Telugu after a long time. Like in Kannada, where his cop films are a big hit, he gets to play the cop and father of Kalyan. As always, he plays his part well. Thankfully, his role is such where he does not have lengthy dialogues and he pulls it off subtly.

Ashutosh Rana is back after a long break. It is good to see him play the main villain GK. Having lost quite a few kilos he looks his part and is as menacing like all his earlier roles.

Posani Krishna Murali, another must have these days, hardly has much to do. His role as the Home Minister is the weakest of all.

Than Posani, MS Narayana gets a better role as Tsunami Subhash.

Then there are the usual Prithvi, Srinivas Reddy, Praveen, Madhu and Jabardasth comedians, all of whom put in decent performances.

Technical Excellence:
The music is by Sai Karthik which is not bad. Of course, there are no chart-topping numbers, but you won’t walk out for a break either. He has added a remix of Balayya’s hit number from Rowdy Inspector Arey O Samba and that will be surely liked by the Nandamuri fans.

The cinematography, action and editing are all good and make the movie worth watching. But the best of all is the screenplay which is tight and keeps you immersed in the story.

Dialogues are another major draw for the film which are humourous and witty.

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Anil Ravipudi who had earlier worked as an assistant director for films like Kandireega and Aagadu debuts as a director with the film. Despite taking an old plot, he makes an out and out commercial entertainer that is bound to connect with the audience.


  • Screenplay
  • Dialogues
  • Direction


  • Average music
  • Heroine

Kalyan Ram acts and produces Pataas. A do or die film for him as he had many flops in the past, Kalyan Ram has finally done what any successful producer has to do.

He bags a good director in debutant Anil Ravipudi who has the potential to transform an age old police revenge story into a watchable commercial entertainer. That is where Kalyan Ram scores high.

And to break the mould of a serious-looking Kalyan Ram, Anil gives him a character which is happy go lucky and laughs a lot. This works magic for Kalyan Ram as you totally enjoy watching him go about bashing up the bad boys.

Well, honestly, the story is as old as the rocks of Hyderabad. But like all good films, the surprise element of Pataas is its director. Another huge highlight of the film is the dialogues. Subtle and funny, they keep you immersed all through the film. Anil indeed does a very good job there.

Since the audiences these days are intolerant of heavy-duty, dialogue filled cop dramas with very high doses of emotions and sentiments, Anil Ravipudi makes a light film which touches upon various issues in its own way.

For example, the film has a message about the specially-challenged people, about the safety of girls, about corruption, about responsible parents who need to get their children on track, etc. But all this is not given to us as gyan, but told in simple, funny scenes which work totally for the film.

Of course, those who don’t mind watching serious films might want more drama between Sai Kumar’s character and his son Kalyan, but the present day audiences are happy being told the background (a dead mother, a deaf and dumb girl killed for saving another girl, father-son emotions) without getting to watch tear-jerking scenes. And that is exactly where Anil succeeds. He tells his story his way and in his style.

In the first half, he establishes the plot and tells you why Kalyan comes to Hyderabad. By the time interval comes, one is left wondering as to how he will handle the second half. But Anil once again springs a surprise by retaining the momentum in the second half. However, some might find the climax a bit rushed. But had he stretched it trying to incorporate too many emotions, it would have worked against the film. So, Anil does not give into temptation and wraps up the film according to the flow.

In all, the film has all the elements that the audience wants from a commercial film and Anil Ravipudi gives them all in a neatly packaged, clean, action entertainer.

Bottomline: Complete action entertainer

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