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'Parugu' Review: Expectations Not Reached

'Parugu' Review: Expectations Not Reached
Film: Parugu
Rating: 2.5/5
Allu Arjun, Sheela, Prakash Raj, Poonam Bajwa, Seetha, Subba Raju, Jayasudha, Suneel, Srinivasa Reddy, Chitram Sreenu etc
Music: Mani Sharma
Producer: Dil Raju
Camera: Vijay K Chakravarthy
Story-Screenplay-Direction: Bommarillu Bhaskar
Released On: 1st May 2008
This is the second film by Bommarillu Bhaskar and the next film for Allu Arjun after Desamuduru. It is obvious that the expectations of Arjun fans will be big as their hero's film hitting screens after very long time. Dil Raju produced it and hence Bommarillu charisma is added to it. But things didn't gel well with the expectations. The film proved to be a letdown disappointing many.
Subba Laxmi (Poonam Bajwa) elopes with a guy she likes as she denies the marriage arranged by elders. Her father Neelakanta (Prakash Raj) runs out in quest of her eloped daughter and the guy. When enquired a few friends of Subba Lakshmi's boy friend, various names of the guys those were involved in this scandal come into light.
Krishna (Allu Arjun) is among them. Neelakanta and Co kidnaps Krishna and brings him to his place. All suspects will be arrested in a den by Neelakanta and Co. Neelakanta says that he would release all of them only when Subbalakshmi and Co will be found.
In the run of the mill, Krishna falls in love with a girl. Off late he understands that he loves Neelakanta's second daughter. How he wins that love becomes rest of the story.
Allu Arjun justified his role and simply appeared to have done whatever Bhaskar asked him to do. Self improvised sequences are not projected in big way. Prakash Raj as usually excelled as a father. Sheela also scored good as she has something to perform. All others are ok within their limits.
Songs in the film run with feel but not haunting or appealing to mass audiences. Allu Arjun could exhibit his dancing talent in one or two songs and other go situational. Vijay's cinematography has something to mention positive. Music is not up to the mark. It could be with more depth.
Bhaskar took a crude story line and he didn't take it on to celluloid with required efficiency. The main problem is with casting. Bhaskar failed to match the screenplay and scene composition in tune with Allu Arjun. Dialogues are also not so effective.
It is an accepted truth that many would connect the story of this film to a recent incident happened in Chiranjeevi's house. Even the pre publicity/gossip has come in the same way.
But still, when it is brought out as a film by Bhaskar and Raju, things are not in right place. The movie cannot be pointed out as something odd, but the formula that should be required for a commercial movie is missing in it. It cannot be appealed for masses but the class audience may connect to it to some extent and that too only the fathers of daughters. Both first half and second half run in similar tempo with no big deal to discuss.
On a whole, this film cannot be in tune with the expectations of the youth. People cannot get compassion on the hero but will get on Prakash Raj's character. Finally it appears that Prakash Raj is the hero of the movie.
The target audiences for this film are only the fathers of young daughters. How many of them can patronage this film? That is the million dollar question.
After watching the film for any common film buff it appears:
"In the climax, father Neelakanta asks Krishna to go away with his second daughter. Is that the act of a responsible father? Is he encouraging youngsters to elope contradicting his characterization that runs through out the film? In stead of that he would let them get married in his presence"?
"Allu Arjun is a mass hero who has a separate set of audiences. Can Bhaskar choose Arjun for this story line to bear commercial fruits?!"
"Bhaskar has rightly used the incident that happened in Chiranjeevi's house. Chiranjeevi's character is played by Prakash Raj in this film".
"Comedy is ok. Songs are average. On a whole the movie is not worth"
Bottom Line: Second movie sentiment may work for Bhaskar as well.