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'Panjaa' Review: Powerless 'Panjaa'

'Panjaa' Review: Powerless 'Panjaa'

Rating: 2/5
Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Anjali Lavania, Sarah Jane Dias, Shesh Adavi and Others
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyricst: Ramajogaya Sastry,  Chandra Bose
Cinematogrpaher: PS Vinod
Editor: Sreekar Prasad
Art: Sunil Babu
Screenplay: Rahul Koda
Dialogues: Ravi Abburi
Director: Vishnu Vardhan
Producer: Neelima, Shobhu, Nagesh Muntha, Prasad Devineni
Date Of Release: 9th Dec 2011
After the biggest debacle Komarum Puli, Pawan Kalyan has come up with Panjaa in the direction of Vishnuvardhan who is known for his Billa in Tamil. Let us see how the film appeals to audience.
Jai (Pawan Kalyan) is a yesman to a gangster Bhagawan (Jackie Shroff). Independently Jai runs a nursery where he gets close to Sandhya (Sarah). Chotu (Ali) is his subordinate at the nursery. Bhagawan will have a rival gangster Kulkarni (Atul Kulkarni).
The problem arrives in the form of Munna ( Sesh), the son of Bhagawan. Munna is hyper sensitive and eccentric in emotions. He kills people without any calculation. In the process Munna kills Janvi (Anjali), who admires Jai. Jai, despite a promise to Bhagwan, kills Munna. Thus the battle starts between Jai and Bhagawan.
Rest should be watched on screen.
Pawan Kalyan under played when compared to his previous films. Although he looked stylish, weak story line and narration failed to extract his power.

Anjali Lavania is hot and sexy but not a face to be remembered for Telugu audience’s sensibilities.
Sarah is just ok and her costumes are bad.

Jackie Shroff is going senile with carry bags under his eyes, but is adequate for the role assigned.

Tanikella Bharani got a lengthier role this time and that's notable. Subbaraju is up to the role and Brahmanandam was not utilized properly.

The main performer who deserves good commendations is Sesh who earlier came with the film Karma. He portrayed the sadistic hypersensitive role with full conviction.

Atul Kulkarni and Sampath are very talented artistes but not exploited properly.

Ali's presence couldn't add any value for the film or for himself.

Music and background score lacked intensity. Cinematography is good while story, screenplay and direction are far from the receptive levels of targeted audience.
Pawan Kalyan
Background Score

The main drop down in the film is Pawan's character design. His getup and being a yesman to a gangster aren't in kilter with his nursery business.

The major conflict point is missing in the film and the director failed to narrate convincingly.
The heroines are big minus and not at all in gel with the sensibilities of native audience. The pace of the film also goes slow and background score spoiled it further. Humor quotient is very weak in the film and it is hard to get a single smile through out for an average audience. Ali was given a wrong and weakly conceived role and hence he got wasted. Brahmanandam’s Paparayudu comedy is also not up to the mark.

The under play and serious characterization of Pawan goes funny in second half to an extent of Brahmanandam hitting on his butt with lathie. Audience fail to get connect to what the director is struggling to show.
First half is morose and second half is emotion overdose. On a whole, Panjaa hits badly on the expectations of audience.

There were no complete full songs in the movie except two. Rest of all was bit numbers. This has completely gone away from the taste of Telugu audience.

The surprising factor is that the most popular 'Panjaa......Panjaa' title song was placed at the end titles. This is one of the big blunders that the makers did. Audience have been waiting for that song and pissed off watching that at the end!!!

This film can be watched by aspiring film makers if they seriously want to know what mistakes the director shouldn’t make. There is poor chance for this film to see colors at box office.
Bottom Line: Panjaa tears all the positive expectations on the film.

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