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'Oxygen' Review: Suffocating

'Oxygen' Review: Suffocating

Movie: Oxygen
Rating: 1.5/5
Sri Sai Raam Creations
Cast: Gopichand, Anu Emmanuel, Raashi Khanna, Jagapati Babu, Shaam, Chandra Mohan, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sayaji Shinde, Abhimanyu Singh, Vennela Kishore, Ali, Brahmaji, Sithara, Sudha, Sakshi Chaudhary and others
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Chota K Naidu, Vetri
Editor: S B Uddhav
Producer: S Aishwarya
Written and direction: A M Jyothi Krishna
Release date: Nov 29, 2017

Although Gopichand is going through a lean phase, "Oxygen" is in the news for various reasons. Since this is directed by former top producer A M Rathnam's son and features two current leading heroines Raashi Khanna and Anu Emmanuel, the movie has generated interest. However, the film has been in production for over two years.

Let's find out if it has any freshness...

Krishna Prasad (Gopichand) comes from the US to marry the daughter (Rashi Khanna) of a rich businessman Raghupathi (Jagapathi Babu) who resides in a small village near Vizag.  She doesn't want to marry him as it would make her leave for America after marriage. She tries all kind of tricks to abort this alliance but finally falls in love with him. Raghupathi's family has a feud with a local leader Veerabhadram (Shayaji Shinde). On the day of wedding, Raghupathi's brothers get killed and both Krishna Prasad and his daughter are not seen in the village. A huge twist is revealed. The rest of the drama is back story for the twist. Is Krishna Prasad really what he is?

Artistes’ Performances:
Gopichand has played a role that has two shades. In the first half, he has nothing much to do except showing his good side. Post-interval, his action angle is shown. In both the shades, he is quite okay, nothing much to talk about. Raashi Khanna has played typical village belle and Anu Emmanuel as Dr Geetha is okay.

After a long time, Jagapathi Babu has got different role. Shaam and Brahmaji as Jagapathi Babu's brothers have done decent job. Ali's comedy is outdated. Shayaji Shinde and Ashish Vidyarathi are their usual self.

Technical Excellence:
The film is shot lavishly but the visual quality doesn't have much sheen due to lot of patches. The film has been in production since a long time and the variations can be noticed. Music is utterly bad, outdated. Dialogues and comedy are also clichéd.


Clichéd scenes
Unconvincing narration
Bad Direction

Famous producer A M Rathnam's son Jyothi Krishna's third directorial venture is "Oxygen" which was in production for more than two years.

It was postponed many times and finally saw the light of day. By end of the first half, you actually feel that it would have been wiser to put the movie in cold freezer instead of releasing it. Such a clichéd, boring, outdated first half it is.

After establishing that Jagapathi Babu has threat from another local leader, the story introduces Gopichand coming down from USA to marry his daughter. Then follow the boredom inducing episodes one after the other.

First Ali is introduced as ad filmmaker and uncle of heroine. With Ali, heroine Raashi Khanna plays many old tricks to scare hero Gopichand. The tricks are about finding whether he has any girlfriends in America, does he smoke or drink.

Later hero tries to impress ladies of household with his good-boy qualities, talking about sarees, etc. No, such outdated scenes do not end here.

Both Ali and Rashi Khanna also try to act that she had many boyfriends earlier while Gopichand trying to eavesdrop their conversation. They also try to mix wine in his coconut water.

And thankfully, the movie's first half ends with a twist that anyone expect easily because it was already shown in NTR Jr's "Ramayya Vastavayya".

The story really gets serious in the second half that is completely different from the pre-interval episodes.

It is later revealed that Gopichand has come to this village on a purpose; he has personal revenge to take. Although the topic of “adulterated” tobacco products is a serious issue that has relevance, the narration lacks effectiveness.

When the hero reveals what personal loss he had endured, we don't feel sympathy or empathy. It is because of bland narration.

Moreover, the entire second half seems like a 2-hour extended Mukesh ad (the anti-tobacco ad that appears in every feature film before the screening).

These kind of topical issues should be told in entertaining and riveting ways. The entire comedy track is old and the romantic tracks are so dull. The songs are even worse. With such so many bad qualities, how can it engages us?

All in all, "Oxygen" is another boring movie from hero Gopichand as well as director Jyothi Krishna.

Bottom-line: Mukesh Ad

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