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'NGBR' Review: Tests Patience

'NGBR' Review: Tests Patience

Film: Naa Girl Friend Baaga Rich
Rating: 1/5

Banner: Kumar Brothers Cinema
Cast: Sivaji, Kaveri Jha, Brahmanandam, Ahuti Prasad, Tulasi, Babloo, Kamal, Vijay, Ramaprabha etc
Music: Anand
Cinematography: Maroo
Editing: Upender
Story, screenplay and direction: M Nagendra Kumar
Producers: Kumar Brothers
Release date: 06/03/2009

What happens when a bag gets switched at the airport and that too the bag you get contains a bunch of cut heads? Practically, that seems to be the whole story of this movie, so what really happens, let us see.

Sanjay Sastri (Sivaji) is a well educated man and is also a golf champion. He has this dream of marrying a girl who is from a rich family and his dreams come true in the form of Sravya (Kaveri) who just arrives from the US to India. A twist of events gets them together and soon Sanjay prepares to go to Bangkok since Sravya’s parents come there from US for a holiday. At the airport, he bumps across Mike Tyson (Brahmanandam) who is a dreaded bad guy and as fate would have it, Sanjay’s bag gets exchanged with Tyson’s bag by mistake. To add to the woes, Tyson’s bag contains packets containing heads of few people. This is discovered at a later stage and from then on starts the process of retrieving, replacing, dumping and surrendering the heads. How does Sanjay come out of this mess forms the rest of the story.

Sivaji has come up with his natural act but then his efforts seem to have gone in vain as his character was weak and stale.

Kaveri Jha did her job oozing out her oomph and wearing skimpy outfits but then there are few angles where she looks a bit mature. She is definitely a hot body with sex appeal but acting has to be improved in a great scale.

Brahmi was okay at start but later on it got boring and annoying. Ahuti Prasad and Tulasi shared a good chemistry but their roles were below average. Vijay and Kamal were alright.

The director seems to have lost track of what he was to present as the storyline was different and the narrative and presentation were way below average.

Script had flaws, screenplay was not up to the mark, music was weak but the songs were good, cinematography was amateur, editing was numb, costumes were cheap and just two to three pairs per character seemed to be allotted. The other departments need no mention here.

The film is a major mess of a story and the truth is there is hardly any connection between the title and the story. The makers show a lot of interest in deriving some sadistic pleasure with cut heads staring and being flown around here and there.

For a moment, it looked like a third rated American movie that has got gore and a cheap comedy. The romance angle was a take from the Bollywood blockbuster ‘Welcome’. If the ‘heads’ were the only issue then one fails to understand why the film had to be shot in Bangkok, it is mere waste of money.

Films such as these hamper the quality standards of Tollywood in a very big way. This is a poor and utterly miserable headache about missing heads.

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