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'Mosagallaku Mosagadu' Review: For few laughs...

'Mosagallaku Mosagadu' Review: For few laughs...

Movie: Mosagallaku Mosagadu
Rating: 2.75/5
 Lakshmi Narasimha Entertainments
Cast: Sudheer Babu, Nandini Rai, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Abhimanyu Singh and Others
Music: Manikanth Kadri
Producer: Chakri Chigurupati
Director: AN Bose
Release Date: May 22, 2015

The title was once a huge superhit of Krishna and now his son-in-law acts in a film that has the same title. Of course, it is no remake of the cowboy thriller of Sudheer Babu’s superstar father-in-law, but a simple comic thriller of sorts. Let’s check out how the film’s come up…

The film begins about 12 kms near Ayodhya, where two idols dating back to 12th century are stolen. Then the story shifts to Dubai where a deal is struck for smuggling the idols out of India. Finally, the scene shifts to Hyderabad and to Krish (Sudheer Babu), a petty thief who fools people and makes money along with his friend Praveen.

An orphan, Krish falls in love with Janaki (Nandini Rai) and while chasing her, ends up being a part of Kaushik (Jayaprakash Reddy’s) plan. Kaushik has to deliver the idols to Rudra (Abhimanyu Singh) and he uses Krish to help him out.

Will the idols be smuggled out of country? Will Krish be a part of it? Will Krish get out safely? That forms the rest of the film.

Artistes’ Performances:
Sudheer Babu plays a mass hero in the film and gets to do almost three romantic songs in the film. This gives him ample scope to dress up and romance the heroine. Of course, since he has already a couple of films old, his screen presence is relaxed and he pulls off his part convincingly. Thankfully, he is not as bulky as he was some time back and that makes him look realistic in the role of Krish.

Nandini Rai is what can best be described as passable. Since it is no big budget film, she is quite alright.

Abhimanyu Singh is another guy who is slowly becoming a staple in Telugu films. He is seen doing comic villains in many medium to small budget films and in this film he plays Dubai-based don Rudra with complete ease.

Jayaprakash Reddy as Kaushik gets a lengthy role and as he has been around for a while now, he too does his bit effortlessly.

Manchu Manoj who is good friends with Sudheer Babu puts in a cameo. The rest of the cast including the likes of Sapthagiri too do their bit in accordance with the script.

Technical Aspects:
It’s a small film, so there is nothing out of ordinary as far as the technical departments go. Of course, the screenplay is in keeping with the requirements of a small film that is targeted at semi-urban and mass audiences as is the direction by Bose Nelluri.


  • Comic scenes


  • Songs
  • No thrilling elements

Sudheer Babu who is best known for Prema Katha Chitram is seen in a role of a regular hero in the film. Of course, the story did have a huge scope, but the director has made sure that is made a certain way so that it fits the requirements of a small budget film.

In fact, the story of stolen idols being smuggled out of the country could have become a nail-biting thriller with lots of chase sequences. But given that the film is not of that scale, the director smartly changes location, but keeps the story rather simple.

Despite the opening, the film is not what one can call a thriller and instead it tries to be a comic thriller of sorts. Once again, it has to be mentioned that all elements in the film are in keeping with the scale of the film. So the situational comedy, the characters and the situations are all in keeping with the tastes of the audiences in B, C centers.

While the first half establishes the story and brings together the theft and hero’s track together, the second half concentrates on how Krish gets himself out of the tricky situation with minimum damage and in the process achieves his goal.

Thankfully, the director sticks to his scheme and does not digress apart from the parallel track of a middle class philanthropic school teacher Chandra Mohan. Other than that, the Bose Nelluri sticks to his script and tries to add as much comedy as possible into the relatively bland story. It does work in bits and pieces and some might find the climax funny, while some might it find it completely mass.

Of course, the story itself has been tried and tested many times in the past and honestly, it has nothing much to say this time around either in terms of story or narration. But the film could work for some looking to just pass time, for being rather simple and non-fussy.

Bottomline: Simple Comedy

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