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'Majili' Review: A Journey Of Ups and Downs

'Majili' Review: A Journey Of Ups and Downs

Movie: Majili
Rating: 2.75/5
Shine Screens
Cast: Naga Chaitanya, Samantha, Divyansha Kaushik, Rao Ramesh, Subbaraju, Posani Krishna Murali and others 
Music: Gopi Sundar
Background score: S S Thaman
Cinematographer: Vishnu Sarma
Art: Sahi Suresh
Editor: Prawin Pudi
Written and direction: Shiva Nirvana
Release date: April 05, 2019

The crazy combination of real-life couple Akkineni Naga Chaitanya and Samantha’s ‘Majili’ has created huge interest ever since its first look came out.

Written and directed by Shiva Nirvana of ‘Ninnu Kori’ fame, this romantic entertainer’s trailer had further upped the expectations. Let’s analyze the movie.

Set in Vizag city, the story revolves around Poorna and Sravani, a young married couple. Despite Sravani (Samantha) loving her husband Poorna (Naga Chaitanya) dearly, he doesn’t reciprocate the same.

He can’t seem to forget Anshu (Divyansha Kaushik), his girlfriend of his teenage days as they were separated.

What brings Poorna and Sravani together, who brings the change is the core point of the film.

Artistes’ Performances:
Naga Chaitanya has put in his sincere effort to carry Poorna’s character. But he is too young to play this role especially when the ‘twist’ in the last act comes.

Sravani is typical middle-class wife and Samantha steals the show. She has got a best role and she has taken it in her hands to make an impact. She enters just before the interval and she holds the entire second half.

Divyansha Kaushik in a brief lover role in the first half makes a decent debut. The kid who has got important character in the film is cute.

Rao Ramesh as Chaitanya’s father is riveting. He has got best lines in the film. Posani as Samantha’s father provides some comic relief.

Technical Excellence:
Gopi Sundar has given situational numbers. Three of his songs are mellifluous, not catchy but meaningful. Thaman’s background score has worked well.

Cinematography is pleasant. Pace of the movie is damn slow and better editing would have made the difference. Art work is neat.

Samantha’s acting
Rao Ramesh’s role

Slow narration
Old story
Lack of entertainment

Director Shiva Nirvana presented a triangle story of a married couple with the girl’s lover bringing conflict in his debut movie ‘Ninnu Kori’ in a convincing manner. The movie starring Nani, Aadhi and Nivetha Thomas not only won good praise it also went on to become a hit.

In his second film “Majili” too, we see triangle story with a slight difference. Here hero loses his lover and marries a girl without his choice. Like in his debut movie, this one also focuses on establishing the bond of married couple.

Anyone who has seen old 80’s hits like ‘Sagara Sangamam’ and 'Mouna Ragam' can easily spot the similarities with this movie and plot. But unlike those movies, this film primarily focuses on how the husband and wife reach to their majili (destination). Cricket also plays major role in this plot it has been used as a device to unite the husband and wife.

The film’s tagline is ‘there is love….there is pain’. The love track is not that beautiful but the pain moments in the second half are handled in a matured way. There are good moments and there are boring moments in this film.

The banter between Rao Ramesh and Samantha, Posani and Samantha show the touch of Shiva Nirvana. They are good. The film turns interesting in the later part thanks to other actors like Rao Ramesh, and a kid called Meera.

Wife and husband, and husband not forgetting his past love life…this has been done to death and the cricket angle seems forced here. Few scenes are emotional but overall they lack any novelty and excitement.

Shiva Nirvana’s direction is a far cry from his maiden movie but the film gives nicely done feel thanks to the later portions and the actors.

‘Majili’ is more of a family drama. Overall, it is a decent watch if you excuse the slow pace and routine elements. For the real life couple Naga Chaitanya and Samantha, it works but for youngsters it may give old-fashioned feel.

Bottom-line: Emotional Family Movie

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