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'Lovely' Review: Passable Entertainer

'Lovely' Review: Passable Entertainer

Rating: 2.75/5
RR Movie Makers
Cast: Aadi, Shanvi, Rajendra Prasad, Vennela Kishore, Ahuti Prasad, Paruchuri Gopla Krishna
Camera: Arun Kumar
Fights: Ram Laxman 
Dialogues: Shyam Manohar
Music: Anup Rubens
Producer: BA Raju
Direction: B Jaya
Release Date: 30th March 2012
‘Lovely’ is the movie that has been on buzz for being musically catchy. It’s the second film of Sai Kumar’s son Aadi which also happens to be on the same RR Movies banner (he did Prema Kavali’ on same banner). RR banner scored biggest hit ‘Businessman’ and a subsequent hit ‘Poolarangadu’ in recent times and also has been making films aggressively. Hence the focus was pinned on Lovely by film buffs and industry circles. Let us see how things worked for this film.
Mangalampalli Maharadhi (Rajendra Prasad) is a rich man. His daughter Lovely (Shanvi) and a guy Akash (Aadi) happen to meet through their respective friends those are facebook addicts (Vennela Kishore and Chinmayi Ghatrazu). Sparkles of love start between the two.
And the love line develops between their friends (Kishore and Chinmayi) as well those get married eventually fooling her father who is a politician (Paruchuri Gopala Krishna).
On the other hand Maharadhi loves his daughter a lot and always thinks to make her double happy. He comes to know about her love with Akash who he thinks is not a right match for her. So what conspiracy he plays to separate his daughter from him?
And finally what happens to the love between Akash and Lovely forms the rest of the story.
Aadi improved considerably from his first film. His physique is also in right sync with mass audience taste now. He is doing well with dances. All that he has to develop is to add grace to his moves. Voice is good and in the period down the line he has to plan to set up his trade mark style of dialogue delivery and body language.
Shanvi is good in various frames. She has the beauty that suits to the interest of Telugu audience. She proved able in portraying varied expressions wherever necessary.
Vennela Kishore brought many laughs in first half especially with his trade mark comedy.
Chinmayi Ghatrazu of LBW fame also made her presence felt in good way with her Telangana dialogues.
Paruchuri Gopalakrishna is ok appears as a politician who gets fooled by her daughter at the end.
Rajendra Prasad’s performance is lacking punch. Ahuthi Prasad is ok but his get up with a wig is weird.

  • Music
  • Songs


  • Cinematography and Editing
  • Climax

There is a heart touching concept in the film 'Lovely' if properly handled. It is mainly the story of a father who learns everything about a guy whom his daughter desires before allowing them to be together for rest of their lives. But the concept failed to bring that feel good mood due to artificial atmosphere.

All the characters appear to be dramatic and with no natural emotions. Characters fail to involve in the essence of characterization and mood. They appear to be moving like robots with no depth in feelings. The content appears rich in many occasions but due to long gap between them the graph suffers ups and downs.

The general impression of any audience who comes to theatre looking at the poster of the film ‘Lovely’ is to watch a romantic humorous entertainer. Matching to the expectations, the film has both romance and humor in right degree. But connecting that in best way possible to the crowds can be possible only by an able cinematographer who is the eye of cinema. Here the faculty of camera failed to elevate the film. The richness in love stories many times attributed to camera work (Geetanjali, Ye Maya Chesave and Ishq). Care would have been taken in that aspect. Adding to this editing has suffered a jerk at climax for planting and revealing the scenes within a span of 10 minutes with a big fight in between. 
Music plays vital role in captivating the audience. It is a general phenomenon that the audience walks out from theatres for last songs. But here all the songs including the last ones made audience glue to their seats. Music director Anup Rubens deserves right commendation for it.

Anup Rubens has gone to the stage where the posters can be made with a stamp 'An Anup Rubens musical'. He is now the big music director for many small films. His songs should be used for promotion in big way. Dialogues have good punch here and there.

The fate of this film depends not only on mouth talk but also media publicity like that of Aadi's first film 'Prema Kavali'. Apart from this, the fate of this film depends on the success rate of other new release '3' that came to screens today.
Bottom-line: Musical feast

Reviewed by Greatandhra Team

(Venkat can be reached at venkat@greatandhra.com)