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'Krishnashtami' Review: Hey Krishna!

'Krishnashtami' Review: Hey Krishna!

Movie: Krishnashtami
Rating: 2/5
Sri Venkateswara Creations
Cast: Sunil, Nikki Galrani, Dimple Chopade, Brahmanandam, Ashutosh Rana, Mukesh Rishi, Suman, Sapthagiri, Pavithra Lokesh, Posani, Tulasi, Rajan and others
Story: Sri Venkateswara Creations Team
Music: Dinesh
Cinematography: Chita K Naidu
Editing: Gowtham Raju
Producer: Dil Raju
Screenplay and Direction:  Vasu Varma
Release Date: 19 February 2016

About two years have passed since the release of Sunil’s last movie. He took a gap to come up with a story based movie and score a hit. Producer Dil Raju is known for backing up movies with right scripts.

Although director Vasu Varma had scored a flop earlier, the combination of Sunil and producer Dil Raju has made "Krishnashtami" an interesting project.

In a media interaction, Dil Raju announced that the film would win good reviews from critics. So how does the film fare and was Dil Raju right in his assessment, let’s find out…

Krishna Vara Prasad (Sunil) leads a peaceful life in the USA but he loves India so much and wants to settle in his village. But his uncle who raised him doesn't want him to come down to India. He sees an alliance in USA for him and tries arranging his marriage there.

One day, without informing them, Krishna takes a flight to India. His connecting flight in Europe gets cancelled and he is stuck there for three days. He meets Pallavi (Nikki Galrani), falls in love with her, and also meets another guy Ajay (Ajay) and his son.

After landing in India, due to some circumstances, he is forced to go to Ajay's maternal uncle's place Chittoor pretending as Ajay. What happens next? Why does he go to Chittoor?

Artistes’ Performances:
In a role that should have done by a regular hero, comedian turned hero Sunil has stepped in. Sunil so far has been doing at least some comedy in his movies but in this movie he has not done even a bit of it. He is sincere in his efforts but it is tough to appreciate his performance.

Nikki Galrani has no role and neither is she good at acting. She has limited expressions. Dimple Chopade has not much to do but has indulged in skin show to appease male audiences.

Ashutosh Rana has got lengthy role but his acting and his character are not effective. Mukesh Rishi appears in another typical pedananna role. Tulasi and Pragathi have done what they have been doing in every other movie. The comedy portions shot on Saptagiri and Brahmanandam irritate the most.

Technical Excellence: 
Chota K Naidu has captured the scenic foreign locations and the rustic locales in India beautifully and his camerawork has lent richness to the frames. Music is pretty bad. Editing is neat. Among the action stunts, the pre-interval one is good.


  • Production Values
  • Sunil Dances


  • Outdated story
  • Clichéd screenplay
  • Lengthy runtime
  • Silly comedy

Sunil has clearly lost the plot as far as his career is concerned. From being a comedian, he turned a hero who does comedy movies. After some successes, he has left comedy and started playing roles that all big heroes like Mahesh Babu, Pawan Kalyan and NTR have been playing.

In “Krishnashtami”, he repeats what Prabhas did in "Mirchi", NTR in "Brindavanam" and Mahesh in "Athadu" minus entertainment.

Not just these movies, there are plenty of scenes that are taken from other commercial entertainers and have been mashed up to dish out this stale story.

Story is written by Dil Raju's production house and the screenplay and direction is done by Vasu Varma of Josh fame. Story is outdated, screenplay is unoriginal, and direction is worse than these.

The film has been in the making for long, even then they couldn't correct all the wrongs. Perhaps they failed to do so when the total movie itself is so bad.

The romantic episodes shot in Europe are laughable. Such sloppy scenes come further in the second half especially when the entire cast members of the movie land in Goa to have pleasure and find meaning of life! And Brahmanandam enters here as a Bakra. This must have been written by Kona Venkat, even though he is not credited.

All in all, "Krishnashtami" is full of clichés and boredom. Totally a head-ache movie.

Bottom-line: Stay Away

(Venkat can be reached venkat@greatandhra.com or Twitter)

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