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'Kirrak Party' Review: Where Is The Party?

'Kirrak Party' Review: Where Is The Party?

Movie: Kirrak Party
Rating: 2.5/5
AK Entertainments
Cast: Nikhil Siddhartha, Simran Pareenja, Samyuktha Hegde, Brahmaji, and others
Dialogues: Chandoo Mondeti
Screenplay: Sudheer Varma
Music: B. Ajaneesh Loknath
Cinematography: Advaitha Gurumurthy
Editing: M. R. Varmaa
Producer: Ramabrahmam Sunkara
Directed by: Sharan Koppisetty
Release date: March 16, 2018

“Kirrak Party” has created strong buzz as it is a youthful college drama that is based on a super hit Kannada movie. The trailer has been trending on YouTube too. Moreover, Nikhil has been doing good movies adding more interest on this film.

Let’s find out its merits and demerits...

The film is about Krishna (Nikhil) and his years in college. It traces his life from first year in the college to final year. When he was in the first year, he is chirpy, mischievous and flirty.

In the first year, he and his gang try to impress the beauty of the college – Meera (Simran Pareenja). She is his senior. How an act of fate changes his life and what happens in his final year forms the rest of the story.

Artistes’ Performances:
Nikhil Siddharth has tried to hold this college movie with his performance. He shows two variations – as a cheerful first year student and as an aggressive final year student, but this performance is the weakest one in his career.

Simran as Meera and Samyuktha Hegde are too plain in acting and in looks. Brahmaji as mechanic is good. Comedian gang is okay.

Technical Excellence:
The film’s strength is its music. Songs from the original movie are repeated. Cinematography and technical values are decent.

College fun sequences
Climax sequence

Familiar story
Dull second half
No excitement
Lack of emotional appeal

Rakshit Shetty’s “Kirik Party” became a huge hit in Kannada and won excellent reviews from all critics. For Kannada audiences, it may have seemed like a fresh take on college film genre but for the Telugu audiences the story and situations look all too familiar as we have seen many such movies including Sekhar Kammula’s “Happy Days” ten years ago and Naga Chaitanya’s “Premam” two years ago.

Scores of other movies have used the fun sequences that happen in one’s college life. “Kirrak Party”, the Telugu remake, has not added anything new in terms of story or screenplay or scenes.

The gags in the class rooms, the crushes, puffs and drinks, the breakups, the student-lecturer jokes, all these have been explored in many films. Here too, they are shown with little novelty .

The thin storyline is extended in a boring way. There is no emotional connect. When the hero suffers a setback, his life gets changed because of it and we neither feel sympathy or empathy. Such is the bland writing and direction. No strong connection between Meera and Krishna is established to make the audiences feel the pain.

Much of the film's proceedings are quite bland. Had the choice of heroines been different (more beautiful heroines), the film would have looked a bit better.

The film begins straight away in an engineering college, then follow the ragging scenes and the sequence of the hero falling for the beauty of the college (though she is three years senior to him).

First half of the film occupies the scenes of hero and his gang’s mischievous acts and his bonding with Meera, the college senior. The film then ends with a twist in the interval.

Post interval, it gets a bit serious for few minutes but then follow the same fun moments, without giving anything new. All the college scenes and jokes lack novelty though some gags are funny.

The only part of the movie that is handled better is the penultimate sequence. The final 15 minutes are good. Forget about the original version, this one surely lacks deft direction. The new director has handled the scenes with a touch of inexperience.

All in all, "Kirrak Party" is a youthful college drama with thin storyline and weak direction. With no rib-tickling comedy and no visible known cast members other than Nikhil Siddharth, we get the feel of watching a Kannada movie.

Bottom-line: No Kirrak!

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