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'Jism 2' Review: B-Grade Stuff

'Jism 2' Review: B-Grade Stuff

Rating: 1/5
Fish Eye Network, Clockwork Films pvt ltd
Cast: Sunny Leone, Randeep Hooda, Arunoday Singh and others
Music: Pravo Mukherjee, Mithoon, Abdul Baasith
Cinematographer: Nigam Bomzan
Editor: Devendra Murdeshwar
Director: Pooja Bhatt
Producers: Dino Morea, Pooja Bhatt
Release date: 03/08/2012
Coming from the world of porn and adult sex, Sunny Leone has come to mainstream Indian cinema with this erotic thriller, thanks to the Bhatt family. But has her entry been worthwhile, let us see.
Set on a flashback mode, Isna (Sunny) comes from the porn industry and she is ready to do anything for money. At that point, she gets into touch with Ayaan (Arunoday Singh) and both end up in bed. The next morning, Ayaan reveals his identity. He is an Intelligence officer and he meets Isna with a purpose. Ayaan’s boss (Arif) assigns Isna with a mission for a hefty sum. She has to get close to the professional killer Kabir (Randeep) and steal a very important data critical to the nation. But Isna has a problem. She and Kabir have shared an intimate relationship in the past but still she takes up the mission. Will she manage to retrieve the data? Will Kabir allow her? All this forms the rest of the story.
Sunny Leone is expressive, beautiful and sexy. Her innocent face is the biggest appeal and given her profession in the past, she has done a decent job. Of course, there are moments where she could not deliver but for a debutante this is fine.
It was a pity to see Randeep taking up such a role. Barring those few shots where he shows his physique and some alertness, there was nothing for him to offer.
Arunoday Singh has a good physique but there is a lot he needs to do when it comes to dialogue delivery, expressions and showing confident body language. In a way, he looked like a dumb twit than a brainy intelligence officer.
Arif Zakaria was a total misfit. Neither was his character etched properly nor was his styling done rightly. Considered to be an actor of high potential, this sure is a disastrous performance from him.
Imran Zahid came and went. There are no others in this film.

  • Sunny’s sunny sex appeal


  • Horrible direction
  • Rotten screenplay
  • Ridiculous out of place dialogues
  • Spineless character etching
  • Torturing background score
  • Zero energy
  • Dead emotions

When Pooja Bhatt started off in her interview that she hates to see woman being projected as an object of lust or a sex toy in films and ‘Jism 2’ is going to change all that, many felt here is one woman who is speaking substance and expected a ‘Basic Instinct’ kind of film.

Five minutes after the film begins, it is not Sunny’s naked body which was flashing into audience eyes but the completely disoriented mindset and total immaturity of Pooja and her isolated frustration. From what angle did Pooja project Sunny as an ‘Adarsh Nari’? many were trying to figure that out.

For one, the entire film the girl looked confused unable to choose between two men but she sleeps with them. Doesn’t that mean Sunny is an object of lust again? Here are few questions for Pooja which need some relevant answers- what is the backdrop? What are the dialogues? From where is the poetry coming? What is that letter of thank you written in blood? Where is the love? Which character is right?.

It is better Pooja figures out answers for these and then thinks of making a film next time. No doubt, the film has a good plot (the idea must have come from Mahesh Bhatt) but the way the whole thing got botched up and the way each character was shaped up was colossal trash, thanks to Pooja. All in all, this is a film which should be watched when you want to test how long your endurance and tolerance levels can last and how much nonsense your brain can take.

On the business front, the opening weekend collections will be high because the viewers will be fooled by the exotic stills of Sunny and the tempting trailer but your body will go through total spasms once you start watching ‘Jism 2’. 

Bottomline: Get your orgasm by watching the trailer and stills, that’s it!!

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