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'Genius' Review: Just The Opposite!!

'Genius' Review: Just The Opposite!!

Rating: 2.25/5
Ramadootha Creations, Oak Entertainments Pvt Ltd
Cast: Havish, Ashwin Babu, Vinod, Sanusha, Suman, Sarath Kumar, Pradeep Rawat and others
Story: Chinni Krishna
Dialogues: Paruchuri Brothers
Music: Joshua Sridhar
Cinematographer: Diwakaran
Director: Omkar
Producer: Dasari Kiran Kumar
Release date: 28/12/2012
Chinni Krishna gave a statement – After watching the film, the people from all 23 districts of this state will come and beat me. Why, let us see..
Best friends Srinivas (Havish), Yasir (Ashwin), Siva (Vinod) worship different people like fans and ruin their lives.

Their faith is manipulated by the people they trust so they decide to teach a lesson to those people and set an example for all those who are into crazy worshipping.

Each one of them worships a cricketer, a film star and a politician respectively. What kind of decisions they take forms the rest of the story.
Omkar mentioned that Havish had invested in this film. It is a good thought to invest in film but the time is not right. Instead, he should invest money in an acting institute. The character he did is not easy. Only experienced actors can portray the range of emotions. Havish tried to pull it off with one ‘cry face’ expression. In every scene he gave wrong expression and put audience in trouble.
Ashwin Babu and Vinod are okay. Sanusha doesn’t have any qualities of heroine. Her physique and face is more suitable for sister roles. Ashish Vidyarthi and Pradeep Rawath are routine. Seniors like Kota, Annapurna, Chandramohan did justice to their roles.

Suman, Sarath Kumar are just okay. Brahmi had a lengthy comedy scene. Gabbar Singh spoof worked really well but Viswaroopam part was a little over.


  • Good message but not conveyed rightly
  • Brahmanandam ‘Gabbar Singh’ spoof


  • Screenplay
  • Havish’s performance

The main message of the film is worshiping a human is wrong. It is an attempt to wake up those who are ready to give their lives in crazy fan feeling. Whether this attempt will connect to the families of the victims or not, to those who don’t have such connect will find this as major hammering. Usually Chinni Krishna’s stories have some mass elements.

This film has a few and only they can act as plus at the box office. The way film heroes finger in directors’ work and cause inconvenience and the satires on them are good. Similarly, few other satires on politicians are also good.

But overall, the film looks like a patched up product. Dialogues are very weak. Production values are good. Cinematography is decent. The songs are not that catchy. Screenplay has major errors. In first half there is no connection between scene to scene. The answers are got in second half but such stories have to be narrated properly. Omkar once said this is a Shankar film range story. Then he should realize that only a person with Shankar’s caliber can do justice to this. The second half is better than first half because everything is there in second half only.

There is no logic or relevance to the title and the story. Due to aggressive publicity the openings will be good but only this publicity can save the film.
Bottomline: A Message To Fans

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