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'Garam' Review: Thanda Thanda Bore Bore

'Garam' Review: Thanda Thanda Bore Bore

Movie: Garam
Rating: 2/5
Aadi, Adah Sharma, Brahmanandam, Naresh, Prudhvi, Tanikella Bharani, Posani, Shakalaka Shankar, Jayaprakash Reddy, Chaitanya Krishna, Madhunandan, Nasser, and others
Banner: Sreenivasai Creations
Story, dialogues: Sreenivas Gavireddy
Music: Agasthya 
Cinematography: T Surendra Reddy
Editing: Karthika Srinivas 
Action: Thriller Manju, Venkat
Produced by: P Surekha
Directed by: Madan
Release Date:  Feb 12, 2016

After a long gap, Aadi has done this movie and he has teamed up with writer turned director Madan who is better known for hit movie 'Pellaina Kottalo'. There weren't many expectations on this movie but it has been advertised that the movie would give Aadi much required boost to his career.

Let’s find out whether this movie can help him revive his career.

Varaalu (Aadi) is weak in studies where as his neighbor Ravi (Chaitanya Krishna) excels. Varaalu’s father scolds him constantly comparing him with Ravi. For further studies, Ravi leaves their village for city. To escape from constant reprimands from his father, Varaalu and his friend (Sakalaka Shankar) also leave for Hyderabad and Varaalu falls in love with a muslim girl (Adah) in first sight.

After few songs and many lame jokes later, it is revealed that Varaalu didn’t come to Hyderabad for his father’s reprimand but in search of Ravi. Why? What is that twist? 

Artistes’ Performances:
Aadi is energetic guy but he still hasn’t developed a proper acting style. He should stop moving right to left and left to right when mouthing dialogues. To be fair, he is good at dancing and in action sequences.

Adah Sharma has not improved a bit even after acting in several movies. Chaitanya Krishna has been doing similar roles in every other movie.

Tanikella Bharani as Aadi’s father, Naresh as Ravi’s helpless father and Nasser impress us. Shakalaka Shankar’s jokes are pretty lame. The character of Brahmanandam as Mr. Google is silly.

Technical Excellence: 
The film also has low standard technical values – both cinematography and music doesn’t help the movie in any way.


  • Interval bang


  • Outdated jokes
  • Boring screenplay
  • Old style direction
  • Substandard making
  • Weak performances by lead actors

Thirty minutes into the film, the first thought comes to mind is that have the writer and director already thrown their hands up helplessly with no clue to run the story till the interval bang comes.

Written by Gavireddy Srinivas who also recently directed boring “Seetamma Andalu Ramayya Sitralu”, there isn’t any story in the first half. Outdated jokes fill the gap. Even the jokes are taken from Santa Banta. Sample..

A girl: My father is a scientist
Another girl: My father is also scientist and has invented many things
Shakalaka Shankar: My father is also scientist
Girls: What did he invent?
Shakalaka Shankar: He created me.
(Girls slap him)

Throughout first half you find such lame jokes. Brahmandam comes in the avatar of PK as Mr. Google and does nonsensical things. One feels sad that even today movies with such outdated scripts are being made in Tollywood.

Adah Sharma’s role is so bad and the romantic track between Aadi and Adah is also not properly developed. 

There are some twists in the second half, but by that time we disconnect with the happenings on screen. Added to it, the music and the chemistry between Aadi and Adah don’t excite.

All in all, “Garam” is an outdated movie from Madan and Aadi.

Bottom-line: Outdated And Half-baked Movie

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