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‘Gamyam’ Review: Worth-Watching

‘Gamyam’ Review: Worth-Watching

Film: Gamyam
Rating: 3.25/5
First Frame Productions
Cast: Allari Naresh, Sarvanand, Kamalini Mukherjee, Giri Babu, MS Naayana, Brahmanandam, LB Sri Ram etc
Camera: Hari Anumolu
Lyrics: Sirivennela, ES Murthy
PRO: Lagadapati Babu Rao
Music: ES Murthy, Anil R
Dialogues: Nagaraju Gandham
Action: Ram-Laxman
Editing: Shravan
Art: Rajiv Nair
Producer: Sai Babu J
Director: Radha Krishna (Krisha)
Released On: 29th Feb 2008

Abhiram (Sarvanand) is the son of an affluent industrialist. Being born with silver spoon he never bothers to mingle up with middle class and poor people. He also feels discomfort looking them. But he falls in the crush of a doctor Janaki (Kamalini Mukherjee). She is an orphan who grows up in an orphanage and keeps herself busy in social service all the while. This disgusts Abhiram. He expresses his love for her and she too finds warmth in relation with Abhiram. But there wouldn’t be any match of wavelength between Janaki and Abhiram in ideology and interests. Janaki hides herself keeping herself busy in medical services at rural places. Abhiram goes on roads in search of her. Gali Seenu (Allari Naresh), a two wheeler thief, becomes his friend on the way. Entire story is how Abhiram reaches Janaki after a long chase on roads. He also learns many secrets of lives in his way. Finally, by the time he reaches Janaki, he becomes a sensible person leaving all his rich-airs. He feels the happiness in mingling up with poor people in the society.

Allari Naresh is the main energy for the film. Without him, the film wouldn’t be an entertainer. He brought big spirit with his humor filled performance and punch dialogues.

Sarvanand is also perfect in the shoes of a rich man’s son. His voice appears to have gained better base than before. His performance as a lovelorn is impressive.

Kamalini is apt in her role and there is moderate role for her to perform. Major part of the story runs only on Naresh and Sarvanand.

Others are ok. Coming to technical departments, dialogues played very vital role in the film and Nagaraju Gandham penned them in very subtle way. Especially, the dialogues written for Allari Naresh, although shaded with a bit of vulgarity, spilled many laughs in theater. Nagaraju seems to have better future in industry.

The screenplay is impressive as there is no moment in the film that brings boredom for audiences. Every 5th minute in the movie is treated with humor element giving great relief for audiences.

Lyrics by Sirivennela deserve very good mention. The philosophical depth in lyrics that is in tune with situation of the songs elevated the interest levels of audiences.

Director Krish made the film out of nothing. It is really a challenge to entertain people without big story. Simply to say, it is the story of a lovelorn guy who is in search of his love on roads. He dealt the subject really well by entertaining people with invigorating screenplay.

It is certainly the entertaining film that has come on to screens this year. The subject and essence has class-appeal and the way it is treated with Allari Naresh element brought mass appeal to it. The film starts in serious tone and gains right momentum from the entry of Allari Naresh.

First half of the film runs with right pace, getting packed up with non stop humor by Allari Naresh. Second half also went on well but the climax is filled with some tragic scenes. This makes the entertaining graph in audiences fall down. The director has chosen a message-track in climax and hence he brought many things into it viz naxalism. He brought tragedy to establish the change in Abhiram as a sensible person. Had the director really wanted to bring tragedy, he would have done that with the naxalite character. With that the film would have closed in hilarity. But still, the climax is touching and levelheaded.

To sum up, director Radhakrishna should be appreciated for making this out-of –the-box film without getting trapped in formula fever. The film is worth-watching for more laughs, little sentiment and less grief.

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