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'Fashion Designer' Review: Stuck in 80's

'Fashion Designer' Review: Stuck in 80's

Movie: Fashion Designer s/o Ladies Tailor
Rating: 2/5
Madhura Entertainments
Cast: Sumanth Ashwin, Anisha Ambrose, Manasa, Manali Rathod, Raghavendra and others
Music: Mani Sharma
Cinematography: Nagesh Bannel
Editor: Basva Paidireddy
Producer: Madhura Sreedhar Reddy 
Story, Screenplay and directed by: Vamsy
Release date: June 02, 2017

Vamsy who has made many classics in his heydays has come up with sequel to his hit movie "Ladies Tailor" (1986).

The movie has generated great curiosity the moment it was announced, as "Ladies Tailor" is one of the best romantic adult comedies made in Tollywood. So, Vamsy updated Ladies Tailor with "Fashion Designer".

Let's find out how fashionable this designer is?

Gopalam (Sumanth), a tailor who claims to be fashion designer in a village in Godavari area, believes that he can impress any woman as he possesses a manmadha rekha.

True to his belief, three rich women Gedela Rani (Manasa), Ammulu (Manali Rathod), and US returned Mahalakshmi (Anisha) agree to marry him.

Trouble comes in the form of Gavarraraju and also a murder happens. How does this story end?

Artistes’ Performances:
Sumanth Ashwin has played the protagonist but he seems misfit for this role. His body language doesn't suit for such village boy roles.

Anisha Ambrose as main heroine is beautiful but she has not much role. The other two heroines have provided enough glamour quotient.

Comedian Raghavendra Rao as Battala Satyam's son is okay.

Krishna Baghavan in the role of Papa Rao provides some laughs. The guy who played the main villain role gets noticed.

Technical Excellence: 
Excellent cinematography and beautiful locations have brought the film rich look. Cinematographer Nagesh has added his own touch to the style of Vamsy in capturing the locations of Rajoulu and Papikondalu area.

Mani Sharma has come up with catchy music and two songs in particular - "Papikondallo", "Meghale Tele Nalona" standout.

Editing is also neat. Production values are decent. Dialogues are apt to the theme.


Old style narration
Dull screenplay
Lack of interesting moments
Dull comedy

Had there been a son to the 'Ladies Tailor ', what would he be doing now? Would he turn up like his father? This must be the idea behind the sequel of "Ladies Tailor" (1986).

The thought is interesting. So, the makers have made the son as Fashion Designer as per the current trends. But their ideas have not upgraded beyond this peripheral thought.

The story of "Fashion Designer" is similar to "Ladies Tailor". In the original film, Rajendra Prasad hunts for women who have mole on their thighs as some astrologer told him that if he gets married to such woman, his fortunes would change.

In "Fashion Designer", hero, the son of "Ladies Tailor", likes three women who are rich. He hopes to marry one of them to settle down in life happily. There is also "rekha jothisyam" angle here.

So far so good! The trouble is even  in the modern times, the protagonist who calls himself as fashion designer still thinks, acts, talks like the 'ladies tailor' of 80's era.

Even though director Vamsy has made great movies in the past, his recent movies were duds because his ideas are outdated ones. The comedy that he is writing is too archaic.

The big mistake Vamsy and the writers have done is that they have made the protagonist look like exact replica of 80's era ladies tailor than today's generation guy. His expressions, his dialogues sound so old.

A hero constantly falling in water, hugging poles, looking coy don't work in today's times.

One can understand that a girl like Gedela Rani, a rural girl with not much education, falling for hero. But it makes no logic that a modern girl who comes down from US gets impressed easily by a tailor.

The third girl falling for him because he saw her nude in bathroom is definitely 80's idea. So, they have upgraded the title of the film but not the thoughts and setup.

What work in the film are the lush green locations captured beautifully. Even the songs are good. Mani Sharma has given good melodies and they are shot in aesthetic manner. There is occasional good humor too but most of comedy lacks contemporary feel.

Although producer Madhura Sridhar has used all kinds of tricks to appeal to the modern audiences, the basic style of narration is stuck in old times. This is the issue though the film is far better movie among Vamsy's recent movies like 'Vennello Hai Hai', 'Saradaga Kasepu', etc.

Bottom-line: New Label, Old Stuff